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Chicago Chop House


Scrooge brought a turkey to the Cratchit family for Christmas dinner, but for the holidays, there are few more celebratory proteins than a big juicy steak. Here are ten Chicago steakhouses – all open on Christmas Eve – that will serve you a memorable holiday feast.


Rosebud Steakhouse is a legend in Chicago, for comfortable surroundings, professional service, and fantastic steaks: just what you want for your holiday dinner.


Prime & Provisions has the open flame cooking and the big beefsteaks to make it feel a lot like Christmas…even if it isn’t snowing outside.


Smith & Wollensky affords a beautiful panoramic view of the Chicago river – even if it is frozen over – and the sizzling steaks to warm you through and through.


Maple & Ash


Steak 48 has the meat that will please you, and if you’d rather stay at home, you can get their food delivered right to your door.


Chicago Prime Steakhouse, in Schaumburg, serves some of the most superb steak you will find in the Western Suburbs…” just like downtown.”


Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse, in the proud tradition of its namesake, is all about having a good time, and nothing says “good time” like a steak dinner.


Chicago Chop House, housed in a Victorian brownstone, is one of the coziest places in Chicago to enjoy a perfectly prepared steak…and live piano music.


Rosebud Steakhouse


Mastro’s Steakhouse is well-known for their spectacular steaks and their very generous pours of wines and cocktails. Happy holidays!


Gene & Georgetti, one of Chicago’s oldest steakhouses, just seems like the right place to be for the traditional holiday dinner.


Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse, whether you’re a Bulls fan or not, is the kind of lively place – with great steaks – that’s just right for a holiday dinner.





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