Seattle/Bellvue Steakhouses

Although this city is nationally known as a hub for some of the country’s finest coffee makers and cafes, most don’t know enough about Seattle’s best steakhouses. A city rich in history, this east coast locale is filled with culture and culinary goodness that includes some amazing steak restaurants. If you happen to be in town and are looking to satisfy your steak cravings, look no further than to our compiled list of Seattle steakhouses. Below you’ll find a list of some of the best steakhouses Seattle has to offer. Though not plentiful in quantity, there is something to be said regarding the quality of Seattle’s eateries: the cuisine is second to none. Our top four picks are some of the finest we could find in the city, and we feel confident that we have chosen the cream of the crop.

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Seattle’s unique food culture means you get a variety of culinary specialties and flavors, ranging from all American steak dishes to worldly platters. You’ll certainly find favorites such as dry-aged beef, ranging from a variety of aging methods. In addition to that, you can find a myriad of beef steak cuts. Other Seattle favorites include Porterhouse cuts, tenderloin cuts, and filet mignons, the tender beef classics that steak lovers know and love all too well. Our selection of restaurants ensure that your steaks have the best textures that Seattle steakhouses have to offer. A not to be forgotten classic is the prime rib, a flavor-loaded roast that is best served tender. You can find these and much more in Seattle steakhouses.

You will also find other signature flavors at these Seattle steakhouses. Because this city is located along the east coast of the United States, you can expect a nice mix of seafood and oceanic inspired flavors. Many of these steakhouses offer lobster, crab, sushi, shrimp, and raw bar dishes alongside their savory Seattle styled steaks. A perfect marriage of American steak cuts and seaside flavorings. You can expect these to be paired with wine, a drink known to accompany many steak or meat-focused meals. And because of Seattle’s unique and rich culture and history, you can expect unique interiors as well: many Seattle steakhouses adopt these sea-inspired themes and apply them to their restaurants and to the dishes they offer. You’re sure to run into a few nautical and classy themed eateries while in Seattle.

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Best Steak is your number one option for finding Seattle’s best steak restaurants and steakhouses. Your next dining experience awaits, so browse our list of eateries to find the very best meats and steak cuts that the east coast has to offer. Our thoroughly researched and compiled list of Seattle steakhouses is your perfect guide to plan a night out in one of America’s finest cities.

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