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Wagyu is Japanese beef with many delicate threads of fat running through the meat, guaranteeing a great amount of tenderness and taste.

Here are ten New York City steakhouses offering Wagyu beef in many delicious ways.

212 Steakhouse. 212 Steakhouse offers a huge range of Wagyu steaks, including dry-aged t-bone and porterhouse…even a Halal Canadian prime ribeye.

Bowery Meat Company. For fun, Bowery Meat Company lets you compare Snake River American Wagyu and Japanese A5 Wagyu from Kagoshima Prefecture. They’re both fantastic.

Uncle Jack’s 10001. You won’t find them on many menus, but at Uncle Jack’s 10001, you can enjoy a starter of Wagyu meatballs: wonderful.

American Cut.  The Miyazaki Wagyu at American Cut runs about thirty dollars an ounce, and an ounce or two of this super-luscious meat is probably just about right.



Don Wagyu. If you’d care to try what might be the best burger in New York City, check out the Don Wagyu Burger, a most delicious sandwich.

Bohemian NY. Washu is Wagyu four ways: as a burger, plate of tartare, short rib sashimi and steak; prepare to have your mind blown at Bohemian NY.

Lavo NYC. How about Spaghetti and Meatballs with Imperial Wagyu? You can have such an awesome dish, also featuring fresh ricotta and white clams, at Lavo NYC.

STK. STK in Midtown NYC offers a fabulous starter, the Lil BRG, Wagyu beef and special sauce on a sesame seed bun; pro tip: add the optional foie gras and truffle.

The Dutch. If you’d prefer to take your Wagyu straight, try it uncooked – tartare style – with just capers and Bernaise aioli, at The Dutch.

Tao Downtown. At Tao Downtown, they do Wagyu a little differently: as a rib-eye teppanyaki, accompanied by sophisticated dips and sauces.

American Cut


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