The compound annual growth rate of wagyu beef is estimated to rise at over 7%. This heavily marbled and highly treasured meat, Japanese in origin, is always at the higher end of steakhouse prices. Some love it, others may not, but if you want some of the much-vaunted Wagyu, go to Chicago’s best steakhouses; here are ten restaurants that serve it right.


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RPM Steak

RPM Steak helps you kick off your dinner with Australian Wagyu Tataki, in which the meat is quickly seared and almost raw in the center. You want it.

Swift & Sons gives you Wagyu in perhaps its purest form: tartare, with yuzu, chili, and miso aioli.

Maple and Ash offers up a gorgeous plate of Wagyu carpaccio, enhanced with king crab, Kaluga caviar and truffle. Oh, man.

Prime & Provisions starts your dinner with a scoop of Wagyu tartare…on a potato chip, just marvelous.


BLVD gives Wagyu lovers the meat of their dreams: four ounces of perfectly prepared A5.

The Palm does a Wagyu burger that delivers a rare lusciousness that meat lovers want, stuffed with prosciutto butter and topped with Gouda. Rich enough for you?

Roka Akor tantalizes with kimchee and Wagyu dumplings, a beautiful balance of sharp acidity and juicy, juicy beef.


Holu in the South Loop serves a magnificent array of Wagyu, including Australian Reserve cuts of filet, Zubuton and Cuilotte.

Fioretta takes the premium meat a step further with, we kid you not, an “olive-fed Wagyu New York Strip.”

Butcher and the Bear will blow your mind with a Wagyu Tasting Board of Flat Iron, Tenderloin and New York Strip. Out of this world.

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