Holu Chicago steakhouse

2101 S. Jefferson, Chicago, IL, 60616 East Pilsen
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M-F, 5-11 Sa-Sun, 4-11

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Holu - Chicago

Holu is an Asian Prime Steakhouse with tableside preparation of some of the finest beef you've ever had. In addition to USDA prime steak, there's Domestic and Australian Wagyu, and A5 Muyazaki Kobe Wagyu, the gold standard of red meat worldwide.

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Prime cuts of beef at Holu spend some time in the in-house drying rooms before being cooked on ceramic charcoal smokeless high-end grill that are set up at every table so you can enjoy your deliriously wonderful steak hot off the grill...and there is probably no better way to enjoy it.

Some of the red meat all-stars at Holu are the 45 Day Dry-Aged Ribeye, which like many of the meats here, you can purchase by the ounce, so you can order as little or as much as you like.

The star of the Australian selection is the cullote, which is cut from the sirloin cap and is believe by many to be the tenderest and most flavorful of all the cuts. You be the judge.

In the area of domestic Wagyu, you might try the tongue, which admittedly is not steak and not to everyone's liking, but if you are a lover of the linqual meat -- and there are a lot of us out there -- you want this tongue from Holu...and if you've never had tongue before, Holu wold be an excellent place to give it a try,

The A5 Muyazaki Kobe Wagyu from Japan is available as a rib eye or filet mignon, and it, too, is available by the ounce, and if you're eating meat this beautifully marbled and rich with luxurious beef fat of the very highest caliber, all you will need is a few ounces -- maybe just one ounce-- per person.

If you're not in the mood for red meat, there's the much-praised Iberico ham from Spain, live eels on the grill, lobster or wild tiger prawn. There's a lot to like at Holu.

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