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According to the New York Times, there’s a direct correlation between a lack of vegetables in the diet and poor health…even untimely death. So, we should all eat more vegetables, right, but what if our significant other is all about the meat? Here are ten of the best steakhouses in Fort Lauderdale/West Palm Beach where you can enjoy veggie options either as an entrée…or a side for your steak.


Boatyard is unique in that it has a full vegan menu, with mains like braised French lentils and a bowl of warm ancient grains.


Diplomat Prime lets you start your meal with a classic: coconut curried carrot bisque.


Palm Beach Grill has the veggie dish you want, and it’s wild rice with Champagne vinaigrette and almonds.


Council Oaks Steak and Seafood doesn’t always have the seasonal mushrooms, but if you spot it on the menu, go for it.


Steak 954 

Steak 954 has the Caesar salad of your dreams; you will not find better.


Capital Grille in Fort Lauderdale has a knockout burrata with heirloom tomatoes.


Tropical Acres Steakhouse has a butternut squash ravioli that is the perfect side to a big juicy steak.


Mastro's, a great name in steak, has some awesome veggie options; we recommend the wild mushroom and black truffle gnocchi.


Rivertail offers a fresh kale salad that will make you feel even healthier as you polish off a big, beautiful piece of red meat.


Seawatch on the Ocean suggests you start your meal with a spinach artichoke dip (if you’re not totally vegan/vegetarian, try adding the crabmeat for a modest upcharge).






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