Top Steak Houses In NYC

New York City with its five boros has a wide range and diverse offerings for steak lovers. To be considered one of the best requires much more than having delicious, juicy prime meat. The atmosphere and local flavor need to be present to offer a hospitable environment for dining pleasure. These particular factors are almost as important as the steak itself to provide an overall dining experience that encompasses and envelopes the diner and qualifies the restaurant to rank among the top steak houses in NYC. Newer entries are pushing the envelope to qualify for ranking as one of the top steak houses in NYC: Davio's, NYY Steak, Angus Club, Charlie Palmer's, Strip House Midtown, American Cut, and a revamped Gallagher's are all vying for the honor. While some of these may not have the tradition of many of the other more established steak houses, their overall quailty and atmosphere pushes the more established traditional steakhouses in NYC that have won over the local population and visitors who come from far and wide and enjoy a good steak.

The secret, known by steak connoisseurs, to finding a local steak house to enjoy a great steak is to find an establishment that offers their own dry aging room. Generally, most steak eaters don’t give a thought to whether or not the steak house they are evaluating has such a facility, but to real steak connoisseurs that distinguishes the best from the rest. The reason is that dry aged steaks lose some of their water content over time, but at the same time the steaks develop an impeccable flavor that is easily recognizes when enjoying the steak, from the first bite; and, it lingers for the entire meal until the last bite.

For various reasons, drought, scarcity, feed costs, or whatever, beef prices have risen and are expected to continue climbing. Thus, the price of a well-seasoned steak or other cut of beef will continue to climb. There’s no escaping the fact that a first class meal in one of top best steak houses in NYC is going to cost dearly; but, offsetting tht cost are the pure, enchanting taste of that top ranked and well prepared steak; one that you, as a diner, will long remembered (costs can easliy range from $40 and upwards for the enjoyment of a steak at one of the top steak houses in NYC, and that doesn’t include other portions of the meal, i.e., vegetables or other side dishes and salads. So, for most people, unless you’re working on a company expense account, to enjoy a steak at a top steak house in NYC will be an occasional event, likely a birthday, anniversary, or some other special occasion. Regardless of how frequent or infrequent the visits are, it will always be worthwhile because the succulent taste of that steak that a top steak house in NYC can offer makes it worth every penny and creates memories that will last a long time. uses a number of measures to define the restaurant that offer the best steaks. First, the steak house must feature USDA Prime Beef on its menu; the steak house must also offer world-class service; and, stock an extensive supply of wines and spirits, in keeping with the enjoyment and atmosphere that are part and parcel of a great steak house.

Each steakhouse that makes our cut is simply the best. Each highlighted steakhouse has been highly regarded by local and national media outlets such as DiRoNA, Wine Spectator, Zagat and other recognized restaurant evaluators. So, you as a diner, will know that the quality of the meal and the ambiance of the restaurant will meet your strictest requirements and afford you a relaxing, enjoyable meal.