New York Steakhouse

Regulars don’t need a menu at the numerous New York steakhouses that we list and recommend. The New York steakhouses we list are fairly stable, month after month and year after year. Why? Because these fine New York steakhouses have passed the test of time, been enjoyed by multitudes of visitors, both local and distant, and have a warm, friendly environment that calls out to the diner that here is a place that will provide comfort and delectable meals. These New York steakhouse have enjoyed a patron list of affluent, successful diners who have returned time after time over a long period of years (of course, some are doing it on their expense account, but that means little when they have so many choices). What all these establishments have in common is that they have created an enjoyable environment for eating a steak dinner in a convivial atmosphere for a long time. Enjoying the consistency of a dry-aged steak or porterhouse and the old-school charm and atmosphere at a New York steakhouse is comforting. Over the past ten years, a number of new, equally worthy breed of New York steakhouses have appeared. More stylish, more inventive, and having more “buzz” draws new customers; but, some will come and go. The test of time is harsh, but also a good measure of the quality of the dining facility. These newer New York steakhouses have their admirers, but will be tested over time to see if they can dislodge some of the old-time favorites.

The newer New York steakhouses offer many new non-steak delights, like roasted kabocha squash, pimento cheese–stuffed bacon puffs, and even lobster corn dogs, far from the more typical New York steakhouse fare; but, the old favorites like the towering seafood platters, wedge salads, and creamed spinach favored at the older establishments still are carried to appeal to those who enjoyed great steak dinners in the past.

The customer of the New York steakhouses are slowly changing. Martini drinking Wall Street power brokers in suits still cling to these steakhouses; and, men still far outnumber women to enjoy both the steaks and the atmosphere these restaurants offer.

Ultimately, New York steakhouses are about the steak. There are a lot of factors that go into a great steak: cut, aging technique, and multiple grades that are mind boggling (The Sirloin Report breaks down these factors into more understandable components that you can read). A real steak lover will simply tell you it’s all about the taste, ignoring all the factors that go into making it such; so, just enjoy and don’t think too much about how the taste got that way.

You can’t go wrong with any of our recommended New York steakhouses. Take your pick: Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn; Benjamin’s Steak House in Mid-town; or Reserve Cut in The Setai down on Wall Street are among the favored New York steakhouses on our list. They all offer high quality dining, at a price, and deliver sumptuous steak dinners in a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere; and, they’re well worth the price. uses a number of measures to define the restaurant that offer the best steaks. First, the steak house must feature USDA Prime Beef on its menu; the steak house must also offer world-class service; and, stock an extensive supply of wines and spirits, in keeping with the enjoyment and atmosphere that are part and parcel of a great steak house.

Each steakhouse that makes our cut is simply the best. Each highlighted steakhouse has been highly regarded by local and national media outlets such as DiRoNA, Wine Spectator, Zagat and other recognized restaurant evaluators. So, you as a diner, will know that the quality of the meal and the ambiance of the restaurant will meet your strictest requirements and afford you a relaxing, enjoyable meal.