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Kansas City, MO, has always been known for incredible steak.


Though there are excellent national steak restaurant groups, we sometimes prefer the smaller, one-off regional steakhouses. Here are ten smaller KC steakhouses, serving magnificent collections of red meat.


The Majestic Restaurant in the classic Fitzpatrick Saloon Building is well known for 14-day dry-aged Grilled Cedar River prime KC strip steak.


Great Plains Cattle Company is a ranch house style restaurant specializing in chicken-fried steak and char-broiled barbecue pork chops.


JJ’s Restaurant has been at the top of must-visit KC steakhouses for years; the centerpiece is JJ’s Pride, a 12-ounce filet rubbed with porcini mushrooms, grilled with veal demi-glace.


Great Plains Cattle Company


Jess & Jim’s Steakhouse has been going strong since 1957, and the key to their longevity is fantastic red meat, like the Playboy Strip, which in 1972 the magazine named one of the ten best in the world.


Anton’s Taproom built a rep for itself by establishing close relationships with farmers and ranchers to bring you magnificent steaks, grass-fed, aged, and butchered in house.


Stock Hill was on Thrillist’s “best steakhouse in America” list from 2017 right through to 2020, holding the title with offerings like the dry-aged bone-in KC strip.


The Journey Steakhouse is located on the grounds of the Argosy Casino, serving incredible food, including wood-fired steaks and seafood.


Stock Hill


Hereford House is known for steaks aged 21 days, cut by hand, and cooked over charcoal.


Golden Ox is said to have originated the Kansas City Strip, sixteen ounces of bone-in, dry-aged beef. Beautiful.


The Reef, as the name implies, has a sizable number of fish and seafood…though we tend to go with the prime rib, crusted with house seasoning and slow-roasted.


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