GT Prime Chicago steakhouse

707 N. Wells St., Chicago, IL, 60654 River North
Price: $$$$$

4:30-10pm Sunday and Monday

4:30-11pm Tuesday through Thursday

4:30pm-midnight Friday and Saturday

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GT Prime

GT Prime - Chicago

GT Prime defies expectations, flipping the script on traditional Chicago steakhouse experiences with unique preparations and presentations. GT Prime is located in the hot River North neighborhood, and as soon as you step through the door, you’ll see how GT Prime sets itself apart from other steakhouses in Chicago. Paneled in rustic wood and antique gold, the décor is modern and chic, clearly a departure from the steakhouses of old. You can relax in fur-covered bar stools as you wait for a drink, and while at the bar, you’ll have a clear view into the bustling kitchen. Graphic paintings of raw ingredients and somewhat strange plaques of taxidermy line the walls. GT Prime is clearly a steakhouse willing to take a few risks.

Early into your dinner, the craft cocktails on GT Prime’s menu will pique your curiosity. Unusual infusions, like the bone marrow-infused bourbon in the X-Ray Yankee Zulu, and fascinating ingredients, such as the Thai bitters in the Jessica Rabbit, make for a lot of fun as you sip. The wine list is equally as ambitious, with over 30 wines available by the glass and a bottle selection spanning a wide range of varietals and regions. The beer list features some gems from the Chicago brewing scene, including an indulgent shaved black truffle pilsner from Moody Tongue Brewing Company.

Before sliding into GT Prime’s uncommon steak offerings, you may want to try some of their delicious cold and hot dishes. Grilled octopus is a hit with diners, served with gazpacho, ramps, and green papaya. For the refined of palate, the chicken liver mousse is mild, light, and creamy, a luscious accompaniment to bread.

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The gnocchi Genovese is another dish that will surprise and satisfy you. The gnocchi are dressed in a basil pesto (thus Genovese), complemented by sweetbread croutons with an extra savory pop. Seared foie gras is luxurious and delightful, paired with green strawberries and candied hazelnuts. GT Prime’s preparation of bone marrow (Chef Giuseppe Tentori obviously thinks this offal is wonderful) is served with onion marmalade and herb salad, and it gets rave reviews as a top appetizer.

Save room for that meat! GT Prime serves steak unlike any steakhouse you have probably ever visited. You won’t find mammoth chunks of bone-in beef here. Instead, GT Prime takes the juiciest parts of meat and serves them in 4 ounce and 8 ounce portions. These slices have no fat or bone; they are simply bites of the best meat available. Steak selections include beef tenderloin, skirt steak, and beef strip loin, and can be mixed and matched with more unusual meats like bison and venison.

If you are going all out, the Carnivore is the order for you. This “tasting plate” includes beef filet, beef strip loin, and venison, with the added bonus of the rich and flavorful American wagyu. This star dish can come in a smaller portion appropriate for 2 to 4 people or a large order of 8 ounce cuts for 6 to 8 diners. The simply prepared, high-quality slices of beef and venison enable you to forgo the hard work of cutting up a steak (First World problem, for sure) and just enjoy the most succulent possible bite.

Bucking another expectation, there are no traditional potato sides to be found on the GT Prime menu. Instead, the vegetable options explore more diverse flavors. Green asparagus comes served with a duck egg and black truffle jus, the rich flavors playing off the freshness of the veggie. Shishito peppers with corn are bright with lime and paprika. Brie and mushrooms are an earthy combination, sweetened with some accompanying honeycomb. With options like this, you’ll never miss those fried and baked tubers that seem to be paired with steak everywhere else in the known world.

Your sweet tooth will be more than satisfied by the desserts at GT Prime. By now, you know you won’t be getting just a typical slice of cake or scoop of ice cream. GT Prime plays around with familiar and beloved flavors and presents them in a completely different way. A Girl Scout camp fire classic gets a chilly makeover in the s’mores ice cream cake: a graham cracker bottom with chocolate sorbet and marshmallow ice cream. The PB&J panna cotta is a unique take on the classic sandwich, with peanut butter cream, strawberry sorbet, and candied shiso. If you like a little coffee at the end of a meal, consider the popular coffee & stout donuts: sweet and chewy donut holes are covered in brown sugar and served with a coffee crème Anglaise, a sumptuous end to our meal.

When it comes to Chicago steakhouses, GT Prime marches to its own drum, serving up an unconventional steak dinner that you’ll still be thinking about the next day.

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