Two New Steakhouse Brunches to Try in River North

Separately, steakhouses and brunch are two of Chicago’s most beloved dining pastimes. Together, it’s an epic dining occasion worth celebrating on a regular basis. Conveniently, two steakhouses just added brunch to its repertoire, providing more opportunity to indulge in meaty meals in cool environs. Here’s everything you need to know about Chicago’s beefiest new brunch destinations:


GT Prime
GT Prime

GT Prime: This River North hot spot has been racking up the accolades and cramming in the crowds since its opening day, so it makes sense that brunch would inevitably join the program. The brand new menu served on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., provides more of a glimpse into just how dexterous and inventive the kitchen here really is, riffing on a.m. classics to dazzling results. 

Some highlights include suckling pig chilaquiles, a serious upgrade of a brunch fixture that adds succulent, juicy suckling pig pibil to the mix of fried tortilla chips and verdant tomatillo mole made with dried chilies, dried fruits and nuts. Once it’s plated, the dish is finished with queso fresco, avocado, cilantro, frisee and a fried egg. 

For something on the sweeter side, try GT Prime’s excellent French toast. Thick slices of brioche are soaked in milk, cream, eggs and butter before they’re splashed with sugar and vanilla and seared to a lustrous golden brown. They’re capped off with walnut crumble and anglaise, toeing the line between breakfast and dessert. 

Then there’s the must-order steak and eggs. You can’t come to a steakhouse for brunch and not. This version skews fairly classic, highlighting the pristine quality of the products over anything else, featuring four ounces of steak, two eggs, roasted tomato and potatoes. 

STK: What a coincidence that elsewhere in River North, another modern steakhouse launched brunch service the same day as GT Prime. The version at STK, dubbed Dare to Brunch, is a monthly series though, taking place the last Sunday of each month. True to form for a restaurant rooted in energetic ambience, this one takes a stylistic, sceney approach to the repast, adding a glamorous touch to tradition with the likes of gold leaf French toast and truffle-studded omelettes. There will also be mimosa stations, all-day DJ performances and seatings starting at noon. Reservations for future brunch events can be made here:

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