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4356 West Armitage Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60639

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Hermosa Restaurant

Hermosa Restaurant - Chicago

Cambodian cuisine has never had much exposure in Chicago; Hermosa is going to change all that.

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Located in the Hermosa neighborhood, Hermosa Restaurant is a sandwich shop during the day, but as Louisa Chu reports in the Chicago Tribune, by night it’s home to Chef Ethan Lim’s “coveted dinner series… titled Family Meal, which is already sold out until early next summer, nine months in advance. Lim transforms the tiny storefront into a private dining room with a single table to serve seven to eight courses, BYOB. The restaurant remains takeout-only otherwise. The price ranges between $495 for up to four guests and $695 for up to six.”

Cambodian food, like the food of Vietnam and Thailand, is very veg-forward, though many of the dishes at Hermosa contain chicken, beef or fish. The private dining room is, we are told, a wonderful experience, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money if you want to sample some of the “greatest hits” from these private dinners – including prawn dumplings, crispy fish, and fried chicken – for carryout.

The family dinner of fried chicken includes crudites, a crispy fish salad, pickled papaya salad and Thai eggplant, and dips. Those dips are not to be missed, and they include teuk kroeung, a whitefish dip, and prahok ktiss, a coconut pork belly dip. Both can be enjoyed with vegetable crudities.

Before he re-concepted his storefront as a Cambodian restaurant, Lim was known all around his neighborhood as a purveyor of outstanding hamburgers. He still prepares his burgers for locals, and if you’d like to try them, you’ll need to call in advance; they are very popular hamburgers.

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