Shelter in Place with Chicago’s Best Steaks

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In this time of a worldwide pandemic, with all of us avoiding crowds and mostly staying locked inside our homes, sheltering in place, you’ll be glad to know that you can always get some of the best steaks – USDA prime beef – to enjoy on your own turf.


Though the dining rooms at Chicago restaurants are closed, delivery, take-out and curb-service options are now available at many of Chicago’s best steakhouses.


And there are few things that cheer us up during this dismal period as much as a good steak.


Here are several of Chicago’s best steakhouses, serving your old favorites, some in special package deals to make your time at home more enjoyable than you might have thought possible.



Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille.  Maybe because Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille began as a butcher shop, they have always placed a premium on the best quality products carved by the most capable hands. Now, with all of us huddled at home, Perry’s is making it easy to serve a restaurant meal in your own kitchen with special 2-, 3-, and 4-course pre fixe lunch and dinners. Each balanced menu includes a salad, a beautiful piece of protein – beef, pork, chicken or seafood – and a dessert. Grab a bottle of wine, or two, and relax.


Maple & Ash. Starting at 3pm every day, Maple & Ash – one of Chicago’s premier steakhouses – is offering a changing menu featuring some of their greatest hits. For instance, a 22-ounce 28-day dry-aged bone-in ribeye paired with a bottle of cabernet will brighten any day and fill any stomach. Maple & Ash is supporting a very large takeout/delivery menu, including a great many salads, sides, seafood and other menu items of utmost deliciousness to make the quarantine seem almost fun.


The Barn Steakhouse. From a 19th century brick barn in Evanston, The Barn Steakhouse is preparing meals that you can take home – or have delivered – and make your own. With their “Full Meal Deals,” The Barn is offering everything you need to make a kind of high-end picnic meal at home. The full meals start with a choice of several inventive salads, and then you have your choice of Barn favorites like bison Bolognese, pan-seared salmon, short ribs and, for the big appetites, the 22-ounce porterhouse. There’s also dessert available, and a full selection of wines and beer. Woo-hoo!


Perry's Steakhouse & Grille




Gene & Georgetti. At their Rosemont and the newly reopened Chicago location and, Gene & Georgetti is continuing their traditional spirit of Italian hospitality by making it possible to enjoy their legendary food in the comfort of your own home. To respond to current health concerns, Gene & Georgetti is increasing their delivery range in partnership with DoorDash and (soon) GrubHub. They’ve also instituted curbside pick-up, including box lunches for kids out of school. There are convenient family-style dinner packages (pasta, protein, salad, dessert) – and get this, for every $100 you spend, you get a $25 gift card for future use at Gene & Georgetti – and there’s no expiration date.








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