Wolfgang’s Steakhouse New York

250 W. 41st St., New York, NY, 10036
New York Times Building
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Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse - New York

Moving from Peter Luger’s in Williamsburg to locations all over New York, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse on 41st in Time Square continues the timeless tradition of the great big city steakhouse. Here, you can enjoy the very best in steak, prepared and served by seasoned professionals, in an atmosphere of easy sophistication and cosmopolitan buzz. Beautiful.

Though started by the former head waiter at Peter Luger’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is in every sense its own place with its own unique personality.”TimeOut” writes that "With the opening of his fourth New York city location in Times Square, the empire of Peter Luger disciple Wolfgang Zwiener outpaces his old employer. Like the other dark wood-clad spots, this 220-seat outpost serves an identical old school menu of porterhouses, rib eyes and lamb chops, with accompaniments like creamed spinach and shrimp cocktails”

Having lunch or dinner at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse on 41st, you’ll see tables of business people in conversation and tourists in excited groups; everyone, however, gets very, very quiet when the steak arrives at the table and the next few minutes become devoted to silent enjoyment of, and chowing down upon, some of the finest red meat the city has to offer.

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The meat is magnificent: sirloin rib-eye, filet mignon and the justly famous porterhouse for two, USDA prime and dry aged in the restaurant’s own drying box. Herr Zwiener learned from the best at Peter Luger’s, and now he’s putting those best practices into action at multiple locations of his own steakhouses.

Though the meat is what most people come for, after the second visit or so, you will be tempted to explore the seafood options, and you won’t be disappointed. Grilled Chilean seabass, yellow fin and salmons, and of course the big lobster (up to around 3 pounds), all done to perfection, showing that at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse on 41st, you can expect all the proteins, whether from land or sea, to prepared on point, absolute perfection.

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