Staghorn Steakhouse New York

315 W. 36th St., New York, NY, 10018

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American, Seafood

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Staghorn Steakhouse

Staghorn Steakhouse - New York

Staghorn Steakhouse describes itself as offering an “urban dining experience,” and it’s located close to New York’s famous Fashion District. A good-looking place, Staghorn Steakhouse delivers some of the best steak in the city. This two-story chop house has a 400-label wine list, and it’s staffed by servers who know what you want before you do.

Situated in one of the most exciting parts of the most exciting city in the world, Staghorn Steakhouse provides an oasis of calm with all the steak house standards you’ve come to expect: at lunch, there’s T-bone, prime Delmonico, rib eye steak sandwich, sliced skirt steak, and even a few burgers; at dinner, there’s also prime filet mignon, aged prime New York Sirloin, aged prime rib eye steak, aged prime Kansas City bone-in sirloin and medallions of beef.

“Thrillist” noticed that Staghorn Steakhouse had one of the “quietest openings” in the history of steak house openings, and this kind of “under the radar” approach is reflected on the restaurant’s website, which does not include the menu, interior shots or much of anything about this restaurant, though the place has received some critical plaudits.

TimeOut was impressed, writing: “This modern little steakhouse in the no-man’s-land between upper Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen has carved out a neighborhood following. Staghorn sticks to the basics: formal service and old-world classics. Nearly every dish sticks to tried-and-true formulas: The jumbo-shrimp appetizer featured sweet crustaceans, standard-issue cocktail sauce and freshly grated horseradish; the porterhouse for two was charred and plenty juicy. Pair your slab with a bottle from the thoughtful wine list: The wide, relatively affordable selection surpasses the usual steakhouse cabernets to include gems from countries like Argentina and Australia.”

Because the restaurant maintains unusual discretion, staying out of the spotlight in a way unique among steak restaurants, you can be sure that after visiting Staghorn Steakhouse, you’ll be able to report to your friends that you’ve found this great little neighborhood place they should really check out.