Smith & Wollensky New York steakhouse

49th Street & 3rd Avenue, New York, NY, 10022
Price: $$$$$

Open 7 Days a Week: Lunch 11:45am, Monday - Friday S&W bar will open at 4:30 p.m. Dinner until 11 pm, 7 Nights a Week; reservations for dinner beginning at 5 p.m. Wollensky's Grill: 11:30am - 2:00am, 7 Days a Week

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Smith & Wollensky

Smith & Wollensky - New York

Smith & Wollensky is known nationwide for undeniable quality, USDA prime meat, cooked by seasoned professionals and served by people who have spent their lifetimes in the service industry and know how to prepare and serve the best steak. For the people who work at Smith & Wollensky, the meat they serve is almost as important as the diners’ happiness.

These steaks, oh man, these steaks. USDA prime, dry-aged and hand-butchered are the hallmarks of the magnificent meat served at Smith & Wollensky. That undeniably superior meat is the reason “Esquire” magazine hailed the restaurant for serving one of the “20 Best Steaks in America,” and the legendary “Gourmet” magazine called this restaurant “The quintessential American steakhouse.”

The sirloin is a favorite, and you can order a 14-ounce version but for less than a fin more you can get the 18-ounce version (do that and doggy bag home what you don’t finish). The New York cut sirloin is 24 ounces and served on the bone for extra flavor, and the Colorado rib steak (our personal favorite) is just wonderful. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner over a delicious slab of meat, consider the 44-ounce porterhouse for two.

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“New York” magazine describes Smith & Wollensky as a place where “Urban cowboys herd together over big steaks with knives to match. There's surf and turf aplenty, improvisations at lunch, and a mostly-American wine cellar.”

Smith & Wollensky in Manhattan is Warren Buffett’s choice when he offers mere mortals an opportunity to have lunch with him…for a price. Recently, a man paid over $2.5 million to break bread and chow-down on incredible steak with the oracle of Omaha at Smith & Wollensky.

Wine Week is a big deal at Smith & Wollensky; it happens three times every year and offers a way to enjoy many glasses of select reds or whites at value prices. Of course, every day of the year, there’s a magnificent collection of wines and a sommelier to help you pick you way through the best of the best.

Desserts are classic: sorbets, cakes made in-house, and ice cream.

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