Frankie & Johnnie's Steakhouse New York

32 W. 37th St., New York, NY, 10018

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Frankie & Johnnie's Steakhouse

Frankie & Johnnie's Steakhouse - New York

Everyone has their own vision of what a steak house should be, and although those visions may vary, there are some constants: a well-appointed room, professional servers, and the very best steak that can be had: Frankie & Johnnie’s on 46th Street hits all those buttons and then some, with USDA prime, dry-aged steaks that never fail to impress.

“Eater” lists Frankie & Johnnie’s as one of the “classic steakhouses of New York,” explaining that “Steakhouses in New York evoke the archetypal version of the genre: They’re old-school American fine dining, often with warm service and simple menus featuring cuts of dry-aged rib-eye, paired with oversized portions of creamed spinach. The city used to be stacked with vintage steakhouses, particularly in Midtown, but many have closed. These restaurants remain, with historical charm that is part of the appeal.” That’s Frankie & Johnnie’s.

USDA prime dry-aged steaks are what you’ll find on most tables at Frankie & Johnnie’s on 46th street. There are the usual two sizes of filet mignon, as well as sirloin steak, ribeye, T-bone, and porterhouse for two or three (or for one very, very hungry guy).

The potato – steaks’ natural partner – gets very good representation at Frankie & Johnnie’s: cottage fried, potato pancakes, au gratin, Lyonnaise, baked, hash brown, French fried, garlic mashed, all those potato variations are here, waiting to jump on the plate with Frankie & Johnnie’s beautiful beef.

There’s a very good selection of wines at Frankie & Johnnie’s, with a decided preference for reds (no surprise) and many by the glass.

At Frankie and Johnnie’s, which opened as a speakeasy in 1926 and remains one of New York City’s oldest continuously running restaurants, the people who make and serve our steak know what they’re doing. Operating in the Theater District for almost a century, this is a steak restaurant where you can be sure you’re eating the very best that New York has to offer. It’s delicious.