BLT Steak New York steakhouse

106 E. 57th St., New York, NY, 10022
bet. Park and Lexington
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BLT Steak

BLT Steak - New York

Two stars from “New York Times” and three stars from “New York Post” should be a strong indication of the quality you can expect at BLT Steak, the BLT brand’s flagship. Add to that an award-winning 500-bottle wine list, and a room that’s as exquisitely designed as it is comforting, and you’ve got the recipe for enjoying some of the best steak in NYC.

For some reason, extravagant meals sometimes start so simply, and the menu at BLT Steak kicks off with a handful of beautiful, naked oysters on the half-shell -- Kumamoto, Fanny Bay and others you probably know – and leads quickly into another group of starters that get a little fancier: oysters going black tie with a splash of caviar and a lobster cocktail sporting a full pound of lobster.

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Then things get serious.

Steaks, cut by weight, are New York strip, Kansas City bone-in strip, cowboy, porterhouse and two sizes of filet mignon, some of the best you’ll find anywhere.

The farm-to-table movement has made all diners more concerned – perhaps even a touch over-sensitive – to the origins of the food put on the table. BLT satisfies that interest in the same over-the-top way they serve their food. In “Forbes,” Megy Karydes wrote that “Chefs say it all the time: their best tasting meals start with the best and freshest ingredients. In the United States, the highest possible grade of beef available is A5. ESquared Hospitality's Corporate Executive Chef, Cliff Crooks, recently acquired A5 BMS 11 Kagoshima (Wagyu) twin beef ribs (both from the same steer) sourced directly from Japan offered to customers at BLT Steak and BLT Prime in New York City as well as BLT White Plains. Need proof of the steer’s origin? Guests that order the cuts can view the steer’s certificate of authenticity which provides information regarding the origin, complete with breed, grading, harvest date, owner and nose print.”

To quench your thirst between bites of this outstanding meat, BLT Steak has a wine list that will blow your mind. After some classic and signature cocktails, you’ll see a listing of sparklers, reds and whites by the glass, followed by a beautifully curated collection of wines, with a focus on old and new world reds.

All this fantastic food is served in an elegantly designed space of hardwood tables and suede banquettes, an appropriately beautiful space to enjoy some truly beautiful steak.

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