Kosh Restaurant Sushi Grill Surfside steakhouse

9477 Harding Avenue, Surfside, FL, 33154
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Monday – Thursday: Noon – 3 pm & 5:30 – 11pm Saturday: 1 hr After Shabbat Ends Sunday: Noon – 11 pm

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Kosh Restaurant Sushi Grill

Kosh Restaurant Sushi Grill - Surfside

Located just outside of Miami in the tiny town of Surfside, Kosh restaurant showcases USDA steak cuts, sushi and seafood. The space is contemporary in design and concept, complete with high ceilings, modern light fixtures and muted tones that give it a sophisticated vibe.

What makes Kosh unique and sets it apart from other steakhouses is that it specializes in authentic Kosher food and is strictly under the supervision of KM. Diners may choose from a number of signature entrees that have been carefully chosen for the dedicated carnivore as well as for those who prefer non-meat offerings.

For example, there's the three-pepper tuna steak, which consists of a hearty portion of tuna that's been pepper crusted. It's served with wasabi mashed potatoes and pinot noir reduction for added flavor. Seafood lovers may also consider the caramel salmon. It's sautéed in a few secret spices and accompanied by a sweet potato puree and honey-soy reduction.

Those coming for the main attraction, the steaks, should not be disappointed. All offerings are grilled and arrive with a side the signature Kosh potatoes and a sauce of the diner's choice (choose from pepper demiglace, tarragon or mushrooms). There's a 12-ounce reserve cut on the menu, plus 16-ounce ribeye and filet mignon.

Kosh Restaurant's Japanese side of the menu is as equally as popular as the steakhouse concept. There are classic maki rolls (California, spicy tuna, vegetable), plus quite a few signature rolls certain to please the sushi lover.

Choose from quirky selections such as the Happy Jalapeno Roll (raw hamachi, avocado, and cilantro topped with lime, jalapeño, wasabi-truffle spicy sauce), Latin Roll (raw tuna, cilantro, lime, cucumber, avocado with spicy sauce) or the Samba Roll (soy-paper roll with salmon, avocado, crispy chips, eel sauce, lemon, truffle mayo).

There's also crunchy lobster tail, spicy sashimi salad and tuna bites topped with truffle oil.

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