Kiku Japanese Steak House and Sushi Lounge Naperville

2764 Aurora Avenue, Naperville, IL, 60450 Naperville Park District
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Open Tuesday - Sunday from 4PM - 8PM.

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Kiku Japanese Steak House and Sushi Lounge

Kiku Japanese Steak House and Sushi Lounge - Naperville

Kiku Steak House and Sushi Lounge, the winner of the 2020 Open Table Diner’s Choice Award, has been wowing Naperville and greater Chicagoland with a fine selection of red meat and seafood presented in a sophisticated dining environment.

Specializing in beef prepared hibachi style, with the diners as audience, and sushi served raw, cooked and in rolls, Kiku Steak House and Sushi Lounge combines eating with entertainment in an atmosphere that’s appropriate for casual dining, romantic dinners and business meetings.

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The tuna sampler dramatizes the range of flavors and textures in different types of this most popular fish, and it’s an excellent place to start your dining adventure at Kiku Steak House and Sushi Lounge. If you prefer more traditional Japanese starters, there’s edamame and sautéed calamari; if you’re looking for something a little different, we suggest the stone beef, which you quickly cook for yourself on a very hot rock, or the Kiku tempura avocado, a scrumptious Asian preparation for a Native American favorite (it’s not just for guacamole anymore).

There’s a full range of sushi and sashimi, and a truly breathtaking collection of rolls. Among the rolls, you’ll find the familiar dragon roll and California roll, as well as innovative creations such as the Kiku sunshine roll and spicy tuna tempura (crab meat, cucumber, avocado, fresh salmon, red tobiko, sweet/sour sauce) and a mango roll with the fruit and crab meat, so simple and delicious.

Steak is done up in style on the hibachi, with upgrades to filet mignon and generous helpings of vegetables. Shrimp, calamari, salmon, scallops and lobster can be added to your order of steak for a high-protein/high-taste dining experience.

To drink, there’s a good selection of red and white wine, but you should really consider the premium sake, a perfect accompaniment to nigiri or sashimi, and your server can also recommend some steak-friendly sake varieties. After dinner, there’s a very fine selection of Japanese whiskies including Miyagikyo and Yamazaki.

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