PrimeOne Steak & Seafood Delafield steakhouse

515 Wells Street, Delafield, WI, 53018

Monday-Saturday restaurant 5:00pm-10:00pm bar dining 4:00pm-10:00pm

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PrimeOne Steak & Seafood

PrimeOne Steak & Seafood - Delafield

The restaurant formerly known as Ward’s House of Prime is now PrimeOne Steak & Seafood. They've partnered with Chicago-based Allen Brothers for a more diversified menu and a new dining experience.

Allen Brothers is one of the country’s leading steak purveyors for more than 120 years. Their beef is hand picked from some of the most superior breeds of cattle, then it's aged via a unique, patented process. On the menu at PrimeOne Steak & Seafood, diners may choose tenderloin filet skewers, a 28-ounce Tomahawk ribeye and a 14-ounce, 30-day, dry-aged New York strip. There are also seven types of prime rib cuts, from an eight-ounce princess cut to a 50-ounce king cut.

Non-meat eaters should approve of the menu as well. There are caramelized Brussels sprouts, plus mushroom risotto, and a specialty Mediterranean flatbread topped with spinach, black olives, artichoke, feta and roasted garlic.

The Wine Locker Club will continue as is, including hosting special and private events.

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