The Best Milwaukee Steakhouses

Milwaukee, surrounded by some of the best farmland in the world, has some of the finest beef in the world, and let’s face it: a big steak is probably just what you and a friend wants.


Don’t get him or her a tie, for goodness sake, or even a book, which probably will never get read. Get a steak. A big juicy steak. And while you’re at it, get one for yourself.


Here are five of the best Milwaukee steakhouses serving some of the finest red meat in the world. 

Mo's, a Place for Steak


Mo’s, a Place for Steaks. At Mo’s, a Place for Steaks, Mo’s Signature Bone-in Rib Eye is 20 ounces of the most luscious and beautiful steak that you – or your dad – have probably ever seen; it’s everything a steak should be, and it’s just one of the gorgeous cuts of beef you’ll find at Mo’s.  Wagyu, considered by many to be the steak that balances delicious marbling with luscious red meat, is available in four-, eight- and twelve-ounce cuts. There’s also a “Dainty Lady,” two bacon-wrapped scallops and a four-ounce filet, but you should probably save that one for Mother’s Day.


Mr. B’s, a Bartolotta Steakhouse. Though you can get the classic filet mignon and many other popular cuts, Mr.B’s, a Bartolotta Restaurant, excels in Angus beef.  A Scottish breed of small beef cattle, Angus beef at Mr. B’s can be enjoyed as a New York strip, porterhouse and ribeye. Surely one of those will hit the right beef-buttons for dad, but of course, if the grand old guy is eating lighter these days, there’s also a lot of exceptional fish and seafood, including Bay of Fundy salmon, Atlantic halibut and South African lobster tails.


Geneva Chophouse. The crown jewel of restaurants at the Grand Geneva country club, the Geneva Chophouse is where you go for a day of golf and some premium steaks afterwards. Dry-aged, whisky-wrapped steaks are what the Geneva Chophouse is best known for, and they’re available on a limited basis. At every visit, you’ll find the equally excellent Snake River Farms Flat Iron Wagyu and the Domestic Wagyu Ribeye, both superb examples of how great beef can be.


Carnevor Steakhouse Moderne. In a region of the world where you have to work a little harder to stand out from the crowd, Carnevor Steakhouse Moderne serves some exceptional cuts of meat, just a little bit different and many will say, better, than what you can get anywhere else. The wet-aged center-cut filet mignon is a huge favorite, moist and delicious, and the Mishima Reserve Wagyu is wet-aged and boneless, just magnificent. If you and dad are in the mood for a piece of meat that will recalibrate your sense of what makes for a great steak, order the Japanese Wagyu A-5 filet mignon with kobe beef jus; after eating that legendary steak, it will be hard to understand why anyone eats anything but.

The Packing House


The Packing House. Unabashedly old school, The Packing House is a supper club style restaurant that offers a level of service and comfort that might be just right for you and your dad. After a classic Old Fashioned, you can both sink into a traditional serving of spectacular steak, including Grand Steer Filet, a center cut Angus tenderloin, and a Beef Wellington, a filet in a pastry shell with Cognac sauce. At The Packing House, you’ll find people who understand the great tradition of the American steakhouse.

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