Mind-blowing Appetizers at Dallas/Fort Worth Steakhouses

Most steakhouses are attractive to diners for one obvious reason: the steak. People usually go to steakhouses based on the promise of a magnificent piece of beef, but some of the best steakhouses offer more than just stunning prime meat, fantastic sides, and over-the-top desserts; they offer super innovative, mind-blowing appetizers that tantalize the palate and prepare you for the big event, the big beautiful steak.


In Dallas/Fort Worth, a region synonymous with steak, several steakhouses have become the best places to get appetizers that will do more than just whet your appetite for a great steak: they’re works of culinary art that could stand on their own even if (gasp!) there were no steak to follow.


Al Biernat’s. Escargots (don’t’ dare call them slugs!) are usually served with garlic butter in their shells or in a ceramic tray, but at Al Biernat’s, you can have your snails on tortellini; the ring-shaped pasta mimics the snail’s shape and absorbs all the deliciousness. Teriyaki Marinated Texas Quail leverages the delicate tastiness of the tiny bird and amps up the flavor with spicy ginger for some scrumptious bites that will *almost* make you forget about the steak you came to eat.



Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House. Recognized by Bon Appetit as one of the country’s top restaurants, Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House puts a lot of energy into dreaming up appetizers that set the stage for the steak to come. Lobster Deviled Eggs with caramelized bacon show off the delicacy of the crustacean, with just a hint of pork, for perfect first bites. The Kabocha Soup with kale and pepitas is full of flavor but not at all filling (good thing, because there’s some delicious steak coming right after it!).


The Hall at Trinity Groves. Here you'll find scrumptious starters like Roasted Green Chili Hummus, a lightweight, Mediterranean-type appetizer that tickles the palate and gets you ready for the meat that’s surely coming your way. Creole Strudel is seafood and sausage in a pastry drizzled with remoulade, light yet super flavorful – you want it, oh, yes you do.


Lonesome Dove Western Bistro. We know you came to Lonesome Dove Western Bistro to eat meat, but you can start with some meats you may not have come, specifically, to eat. We’re guessing you’ve never had apps like these before. Rabbit and rattlesnake sausage in a rosti of Manchego cheese, wild boar ribs, and Kangaroo Carpaccio Sausage are just some of the meats you’ve maybe never enjoyed elsewhere but that you can tuck right into before getting serious with your Lonesome Dove steak.


Kirby’s Prime Steak and Seafood. Some traditional starters with a twist. That’s what you’ll find at Kirby’s Prime Steakhouse. You’ve had shrimp as a starter before, but at Kirby’s you get Grilled Tequila Shrimp with lime cilantro sauce. Calamari is not uncommon at many restaurants, but at Kirby’s they coat the calamari in potato before cooking, giving the seafood a little more body than you might find at other places. Kirby’s delivers slightly different angles on appetizers you’ve known all your life, and you’re going to like what you taste.












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