Wolfgang’s Steakhouse New York

409 Greenwich St., New York, NY, 10013
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Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse - New York

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal) exudes an air of new age elegance in a charming old-time neighborhood that was once home to many of New York’s food wholesalers. Today, beautiful and sturdy older buildings have been renovated, as has the structure that houses Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, undeniably the place for TriBeCa’s best steak.

Porterhouse, prime New York sirloin and ribeye, all the traditional Wolfgang’s Steakhouse standards are here, as well as an abundant harvest from the sea including shrimp, crab, oyster, and lobster.

“The Daily Meal” puts Wolfgang’s Steakhouse among “America’s best high-end steakhouse chains,” and the porterhouse gets much praise, “USDA Prime, dry-aged in-house, and cooked under a ripping-hot broiler, it’s served thick-sliced, sizzling, and perfectly-cooked. Other steaks include New York strip, ribeye, and filet mignon; the menu is small and focused (but still larger than Luger’s), with other dishes including lamb chops, grilled yellowfin tuna, sizzling Canadian bacon, lobster cocktail, the classic tomato and onion salad, and the German potatoes.”

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To call Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in TriBeCa part of a “chain” is a little misleading: there is nothing routine or pedestrian about any of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse locations, which are all chosen for their inherent ambiance and charm, each serving what is undeniably some of the best steak you will ever have.

The take-out menu offers some options that are not available on the regular menu at any of the other Wolfgang’s Steakhouse locations. If you’re taking Wolfgang’s to go, there’s the burger and steak sandwich, but also fancier preparations such as the medallions of filet mignon au poivre or with mushroom sauce. There’s also a very good representation of all the steaks and seafood you’ll find on the regular menu, and even most of the starters are available to take away. Of course, if you opt to take away any of this good food, it’s certain that you’ll savor it, but, alas, it’s unlikely you will be eating it in any space nearly as majestic as the dining room at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in TriBeCa.

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