The Prime Grill New York steakhouse

25 W. 56th St., New York, NY, 10019
Sony Building

We are happy to inform you that Central Parking located 50 feet away at 51 West 56th Street will be offering $16.00 parking from 5 PM – 1:00 AM to Prime Grill customers. When you are done with your meal kindly ask your waiter or our managers to give you a parking sticker.

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The Prime Grill - New York

For years voted Zagat’s number one Kosher restaurant, The Prime Grill is undeniably the place to find some of the best steaks in New York City. Recognized for serving outstanding USDA prime, aged on premises, The Prime Grill has been called “the place where the glatt is hot,” a point proven by their dining room full of business people and families.

The menu for The Prime Grill opens with a stunning selection of sushi: including nigiri, sashimi, many plates and dozens of rolls. Fish is carefully sourced, selected and served to the level of New York City’s best sushi houses. If you prefer your protein from the sea, you will not be disappointed by the collection of raw and lightly cooked fish that The Prime Grill can prepare for you.

Even after many menu pages of Japanese-style fish presentations, The Prime Grill menu lists a huge selection of fish and meat cooked in different styles and displaying an inventiveness rare in the steak house industry: popcorn style white fish, BBQ duck spring rolls, PG signature beef jerky, and homey favorites like Grandma Bella’s Chicken Noodle Soup and Sweetbread and Tongue Duet.

Prime Hospitality Restaurants are among the few Kosher restaurants to serve USDA Kosher Black Angus, smoked in house. There’s Prime Reserve Cut, center cut rib eye, and preparations like chimichurri-marinated hanger steak and pepper-crusted filet, New York rib eye, Delmonico steak.

“New York Magazine” was impressed: “Joey Allaham opened Prime Grill in 1999 with a lofty goal: a kosher steakhouse with the chops to with the best restaurants in town. This was no small order: Kosher meat, due to its rigorous slaughter and preparation processes, often risks being less flavorful than its ritual-free counterparts. Despite these restrictions, Prime Grill churns out juicy, flavorful steaks from its dry-aging room…The dining room is warm and expansive, with dim lighting, and honey-colored wood walls and floors. Prime Grill has become the go-to spot for the city's kosher-observant movers and groovers—Jewish politicos, rabbis, and their guests table-hopping during power lunches and dinners.”

Of course, The Prime Grill has a goal of pleasing everyone, and with a menu this generous, anyone would be pleased to go there for lunch, dinner…or the Friday night prix fixe Shabbat menu.