Nebraska Steak House New York

15 Stone St., New York, NY, 10004

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Steaks, American, American, Burgers - Sandwiches, Seafood

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Nebraska Steak House

Nebraska Steak House - New York

s. Expect prime quality cuts of meat like rib steaks and Porterhouse as well as fresh seafood dishes. The dining room offers a classic New York vibe, with plenty of hardwood accents and bar enhanced by fringe lampshades.

During the week, the scene at Nebraska Steak House is buttoned up and all business, but weekends see a more casual vibe as brunch takes over. Benedicts are highly popular, with the signature Nebraska's Benedict featuring prime rib, poached eggs, Bearnaise sauce over an English muffin. There's also omelets, Challah French toast and Irish steel cut oats.