Morton's The Steakhouse New York

551 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, 10017
Entrance on 45th between 5th Ave. and Madison Ave
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Morton's The Steakhouse

Morton's The Steakhouse - New York

Born in Chicago, Morton’s The Steakhouse on Fifth Avenue in New York has grown to become the go-to place for prime steak in the middle of Manhattan, the widely recognized center of the world. This is the place to do business, or relax after doing business, with some of the finest red meat in New York, which is saying quite a lot. It is exceptional.

Morton’s The Steakhouse had its genesis in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, at the Playboy Club (Hugh Hefner, R.I.P.). It was there that Arnie Morton met Karl Fritsch after the later served the former the best hamburger he said he’d ever had. From that humble sandwich of chopped red meat on a white bread bun, a beautiful friendship arose, and an American institution was born.

Today, Morton’s The Steakhouse is the kind of place that serves the kind of steak – prime and dry aged – that will inspire even the most talkative people at the table to go silent, if only for a few minutes, while they focus on what could be the best meat they’ve ever eaten.

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Built on quality, consistency and great hospitality, Morton’s The Steakhouse is perhaps the Midwest’s greatest import to New York City, and it’s been exceptionally well received. “New York Magazine” explains how it all goes down when dining at Morton’s The Steakhouse: “Meals begin with a giant salted roll and a tableside presentation of dinner options in raw form under plastic wrap—from a four-pound lobster to a bone-in double-cut prime rib. Morton's prides itself on its aged prime beef, and rightfully so. The 48-ounce porterhouse for two, for which the restaurant is most famous, arrives tenderly cooked, flavored with its own juices, and elegantly presented.”

Morton’s The Steakhouse in Manhattan is one of the locations for this international restaurant group that’s open for lunch, which only makes sense: even the masters of the universe must break for a midday meal now and again.

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