Benjamin Steakhouse New York

52 E. 41st St., New York, NY, 10017
Dylan Hotel
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Benjamin Steakhouse

Benjamin Steakhouse - New York

Luxurious Beaux Arts interiors, oak paneled walls and a roaring fireplace make Benjamin Steakhouse, in the Dylan Hotel, a clear classic, building on the city’s culinary past while serving the best of the 21st century. The steaks are also time-honored and delicious, with sides and desserts representing the finest of the New York steakhouse tradition.

When you think of the classic steakhouse, something like Benjamin Steakhouse probably comes to mind, not only because of the ultra-comfort and class of the dining room, but because the high-quality of the steak and of the people who serve them to you. “CEO Traveler” reports that “The whole meal was nicely paced and the meat arrived at exactly the right moment. Porterhouse and filet mignon had already been sliced in the kitchen and were presented on the same plate. Using a familiar steakhouse ritual, our waiter placed some filet and some Porterhouse on each plate and spooned the meat juices over them. Think of all the words you would apply when beef is served as it should be – tender, succulent, rich and nicely charred – all of them describe these steaks.”

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Though steak is the star, there are many other supporting actors in this excellent culinary theater. Housed in a hotel, Benjamin Steakhouse serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast has the usual offerings, but consider getting the steak hash, because you know this morning dish is going to made from the best cuts. Ditto at lunch time, the Benjamin soup, with beef, of course, has way better meat than you’ll find in most beef-based soups. For dinner, though many come for the beef, there’s also a good range of seafood offerings, including bass, salmon, tuna and 2-3-pound lobsters, which you can have stuffed with crab meat, to please your indulgent soul (and stomach).

Benjamin Steakhouse was started by gentlemen who once worked at Peter Luger’s, and you can see how that experience influenced them, not only in the way the menu is put together but in the merchandise offered: if you like, you can bring home some of the Benjamin Steakhouse’s signature sauce to recreate the steakhouse experience in your own kitchen.

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