Best Steakhouses in NYC for a Valentine’s Day Dinner to Remember

In the City That Never Sleeps, you’d expect to find some of the most exceptional Valentine’s Day dinners on the planet. Your expectations would be met…and then some.

In addition to some of the grandest dining rooms in the world, New York steakhouses adhere to an unbelievably high level of quality, both in the food and the service. At one of the best of the New York City steakhouses, you’re virtually guaranteed to have a Valentine’s Dinner to remember.

Here are seven of New York’s very best steakhouses…and, lucky you, they’re all serving Valentine’s Day dinner.

STK. STK, a name synonymous with the sleekest steakhouses in the Western world, is making Valentine’s Day more like a season, and what’s not to like about that?! From Thursday February 14th through Sunday February 17th, there will be special Valentine’s Day steaks fired up for your enjoyment, as well as “Surfs & Sweets” and the STK Signature menu. Of course, to feed your fantasy, there will be Love Potion cocktails.


Hunt & Fish Club. For the special day at the Hunt & Fish Club, there will be extended seating areas; contact the restaurant if you want to sit in the Main Dining Room. Wherever you sit, get ready for an over-the-top experience. There will be a 15-ounce Kosher ribeye, as well as a Porterhouse for two with toppings like truffle crab Oscar and stuffed lobster. Of course, for this special night (and, truth be told, all nights) there are tins of caviar to turn the evening into something special.


Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. February 8-17, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is giving you the Surf & Turf of your dreams: two buttery tender cold-water lobster tails alongside a sizzling filet or ribeye. Every steak comes to the table on a 500 degree plate, which is just the way you want the night to go: hot, hot, hot.


Uncle Jack’s. The clubby atmosphere of Uncle Jack’s gets cozy on Valentine’s Day. There’s a high-value Valentine’s menu ($90/person) that starts with crab cakes or lobster bisque. Next up is a “mushroom-dusted” eight-ounce filet or strip, or a lobster tail. For dessert, chocolate mousse or a rich slab of New York style Cheesecake. Ladies get a super-secret Valentine’s gift.


American Cut. For $105/person, American Cut has designed a very special Valentine’s Day menu that starts with oysters, bacon or lobster, and moves into an array of delectable entrees including New York Strip, Filet Mignon, Chicken Under a Brick (much better than it sounds) and Atlantic Halibut. There are also a good range of sides. For dessert, among many other wonderful options, a chocolate macaroon for two. Romantic, right?


Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse. Right across the street from Grand Central Station, Davios is offering for Valentine’s Day a three-course prix fixe menu and a dessert sampler for $75/person. Of course, Davio’s spectacular Northern Italian dinner menu is also available.


Charlie Palmer Steakhouse. Charlie Palmer Steakhouse is rolling out a four-course Valentine’s Day menu ($125/person). Mr. Charlie Palmer, a renowned celebrity chef, offers a menu unlike that at any other steakhouse you’ve probably ever visited: for instance, lobster stuffed with Ritz crackers (remarkably good) and Murray’s Chicken with a bread pudding you won’t forget. Exactly the kind of unexpected creative twists that will make this Valentine’s Day dinner one to remember.

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