Angelo's 677 Prime Albany steakhouse

677 Broadway, Albany, NY, 12207

Lunch Mon - Fri | 11:30 - 2:00pm Bar Menu Mon-Fri | 2:00 - 10:00pm Dinner Mon-Sat | 5:30 - 10:00pm Sundays | Closed

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Angelo's 677 Prime

Angelo's 677 Prime - Albany

The best steaks, hand-selected corn-fed Black Angus “from families not factories” set Angelo’s 677 Prime apart. You’ll dine in a comfortably appointed dining room, on white table cloths, served by people who’ve been around this delicious beef long enough to steer you toward it and to pair it with the excellent wine that’ll make your meal memorable.

Angelo’s 677 Prime is a steakhouse that believes in going the extra mile for customers, serving not just the best steak but creating the best possible surroundings for enjoying that steak. Time Out approves, noting that at Angelo’s 677 prime, “While USDA prime steaks anchor the menu, innovative seafood creations ranging from crudos to Uni also stand out, along with modern takes on traditional steakhouse classics, followed with whimsical, over the top desserts.”

The fish side of the menu is impressive, with ahi tuna, lobster and the impressive-sounding “pinot noir lacquered sea bass.” There’s also an innovative lobster cappuccino, a lobster bisque with whipped lemon crème fraiche, as well as a surf and turf tempura roll, which is steak and lobster beneath a delicate blanket of lightly fried tempura crust.

The steak’s the thing, of course, and Angelo’s 677 Prime serves up filet (9-ounce or 14-ounce bone-in), a 35-ounce tomahawk and a 36-ounce porterhouse aged 35 days. There’s also a series of 24-day dry-aged prime steaks, 14-ounce New York strip and 18-ounce with bone in, and a 22-ounce cowboy. For the connoisseur, specialty cuts include a Japanese Kobe A5 steak and a ribeye cap steak “deckle,” the fatty, juicy and succulent cap of the ribeye cut, prized among those who know steak.

There are also vegetarian and gluten-free menus, and an impressive listing of wines.

For dessert, there are some very popular winners: a warm cookie cart, bananas Foster and something called the Titanic, which the menu threatens is an “enormous concoction” of many types of ice cream, syrups and cookies.

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