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4455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV, 89169

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MB Steak - Las Vegas

...OPENING SOON....Michael and David Morton will name their highly anticipated new restaurant MB Steak — the “MB” stands for “Morton Brothers” — opening in May at The Hard Rock Hotel in honor of the family’s longstanding steakhouse tradition.

Michael and David were youngsters when their father, Arnie Morton, debuted Morton’s of Chicago in 1978. While Arnie’s children have been prolific in the restaurant industry, MB Steak marks the first time that the siblings have partnered on a project.

“There’s no question of the imprint my father made on his children,” said Michael in a news release. “We grew up with such admiration for him for the superior quality of his restaurants and clubs. He was meticulous. David and I spend so much time trading stories about our own venues, it just makes sense to put family tradition and our own experience into a joint project.”

“Because I’m partnering with my brother, there’s a personal connection that transcends any of our other projects,” said David. “We can’t aim for anything less than to deliver the best, to redefine the steakhouse as our father did with Morton’s.”

David and Michael have more than two dozen restaurants and bars to their credit. MB Steak will occupy approximately 7,000 square feet at The Hard Rock Hotel with all-new construction in the southwest corner of the off-Strip property.

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