One of America's Most Iconic Steakhouses Celebrates a Meaty Milestone

One of America’s most iconic steakhouses, Smith & Wollensky, is celebrating a pretty significant milestone this year with the onset of its 40th anniversary. In honor of the momentous occasion, the Boston-based restaurant group is taking guests back in time with its “Then & Now” specials available throughout October. 

The first Smith & Wollensky location opened in 1977 in New York City before going on to open outposts in Houston, Chicago, Miami and beyond. Since then, the brand has established itself as one of the country’s quintessential steakhouses, even expanding overseas with its first international location in London. To celebrate four decades, Smith & Wollensky is serving up a “Then & Now” presentation of dry-aged USDA Prime New York Strip steaks, offered in both classic and contemporary preparations. In 1977, the New York Sirloin was the restaurant’s most classic and enduring dish, so it’s only fitting that the steakhouse would journey back in time by highlighting this timeworn cut. 


Smith & Wollensky
Smith & Wollensky does modern cooking just as well as the classics

Specifically, guests can order a nostalgic version of Smith & Wollensky’s New York Strip, an 18-oz. steak that’s been dry-aged for 40 days and presented larger in size than standard portions nowadays. The steak will be broiled and served with creamed spinach, roasted mushrooms and buttermilk onion rings, three enduring sides still featured on the menu today. 

In addition to this bygone feature, corporate executive chef Matt King is supplementing the special with a “Now” take on this popular cut, so as to showcase the modern day evolution of the steakhouse. Using the same 18-oz. cut of steak, King adopts a seasonal approach by serving the strip with mountain bleu cheese and foie gras-spinach fondue, plus king trumpet mushrooms tossed in truffle honey, and sweet potato fingerlings. Each steak is offered for $77, in honor of the inaugural 1977 year.  

And that’s not all. To further celebrate its 40-year anniversary, the restaurant partnered with famed knife manufacturer ZWILLING J.A. Henckels to design custom steak knives that adorn each plate during the month of October. These knives are also available in a branded bamboo gift box set for purchase at a restaurant or online. 

To drink, Smith & Wollensky is also rounding out its celebratory anniversary month with premium wine and whiskey offerings. 

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