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Meats by Linz is one of Worlds premier purveyors of high-quality red meat; they have become the gold standard for steaks.

Here are some reasons why Meats by Linz are some of the finest steaks you will ever enjoy.

Meats by Linz started as a small family-owned butcher in 1963 and since has grown into the country’s premier independent meat purveyor. With their Linz Heritage Angus program, four generations of hand cut techniques, world-class aging and selection of Prime cuts marks them as the gold standard for steaks. You can find these world-class steaks gracing the tables of the most well-known steakhouses, and better yet, they’re also available for online orders that ship nation-wide to consumers at The Linz Shop.



Linz Heritage Angus Program.

Meats by Linz understands the demand for high-quality beef is greater than ever before, so they to take full control from the source. The program proudly boasts its own herd of 100% Black Angus cattle with the highest quality genetics, resulting in consistently high-performing beef. Meats by Linz ultimately bridges the gap between rancher and chef, creating a conception to plate experience unlike any other.


Chicago is recognized as the heart of the meat industry and Meats by Linz has passed down hand-crafted cutting techniques through four generations. Their team of expert butchers are second to none, providing custom-cut specifications for customers. While most companies follow the North American Meat Processing Association standards, Meats by Linz seeks exceptionalism through their Chicago Trim standard.


Dry Aging

Following old-world dry aging techniques, Meats by Linz ages their beef in a state-of-the-art facility to enhance the flavor profile to create the famous Dry Aged Beef you find in the fine dining community. Some of the beef is aged as light as two weeks and at special requests can age up to 85 days and beyond. The unique flavor and tenderness creates a delicious experience. If you are one of many steakhouses and restaurants they service, ask your server if they have any Meats by Linz Dry Aged Beef on the menu.


Linz Heritage Angus Prime

Meats by Linz makes a great effort to offer USDA Prime beef that is breed-specific and guarantees an exquisite experience in every bite. Prime grading is the highest USDA grade and is based on the abundant marbling found in the beef, ultimately creating the most tender and flavorful piece of meat. Only two percent of cattle are graded as USDA Prime at harvest and Meat by Linz is proud to consistently provide the highest quality product.

Here are some of the very finest Chicago steakhouses, serving Meats by Linz (of course!).



Chicago Prime Steakhouse serves filets, strips, and porterhouse steaks in high style and in a range of sizes to suit any appetite.


Prime & Provisions sets the tone of a classic steakhouse with a gorgeous marble bar and swooping banquettes, an environment of casual luxury serving fantastic, and perfectly prepared, steak.


Chicago Chop House is set in a Victorian brownstone, which sends the right vibe: this is a classic Chicago steakhouse, serving the finest meat in an atmosphere enhanced by a live pianist and some of the finest service in the city.


Maple & Ash offers one of the most smoothly sophisticated steakhouse dining rooms in Chicago, with wood-fired meat and seafood that will create beautiful memories.


Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse may initially attract diners due to the name on the door, but what keeps them coming back is the indisputably high-quality red meat.


Steak 48 is a bastion of some of the best beef in the world, served in an 800 square foot patio, with a beautiful bar and a floor-to-ceiling glass expo kitchen.

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