Where Mag Mile Christmas Shoppers Stop to Eat

Michigan Avenue, Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, is ground-zero for many Christmas shoppers; it’s where people go when they want to buy something special, something unique, and, let’s face it, something expensive.


Shopping the Mag Mile can be exhausting, so when it’s time to grab lunch, many flock to one of the excellent steakhouses in the area. Steakhouses are usually dimly lit, with fantastic service and a jolt of protein to keep you going for a few more hours of shopping. In some ways, a steak is a good way to keep your energy and enthusiasm up during an epic shop.


Here are five of Chicago’s best steakhouses that are open for lunch (and dinner, of course), each ready to give you a brief and lush respite from an afternoon of power-shopping along Michigan Avenue.


Michael Jordan's Steakhouse


Michael Jordan’s Restaurant.. With a menu that offers a lot of options, enough to please anyone in your shopping contingent, Michael Jordan’s Restaurant is located at the southern end of the Mag Mile shopping district, and it’s a great place to either start or stop your holiday shopping day. Want a hearty hunk of beef to sustain you through those long lines at the cashier; take a stab at six-ounce filet mignon or a fourteen-ounce New York Strip, fantastic. There are also many fish and some inventive salad options if you want to travel light along one of the world’s most luxurious shopping zones.


RL Restaurant Attached to the posh Michigan Avenue Ralph Lauren store, RL Restaurant offers a calm oasis of relaxation amidst the flurry of holiday shoppers. You can have a steak, of course, but RL Restaurant also offers an incredible selection of salads, including Kale Caesar, Chopped Vegetable, BLT. Avocado & Crab, Zucchini & Burrata. Need a little protein with all that greenery? For a reasonable upcharge you can add chicken, lobster, salmon, shrimp and, of course, steak.


Morton’s The Steakhouse. When you want to have a shopping break at a real steakhouse, a very good choice is Morton’s The Steakhouse. Indisputably among the nation’s very top tier red meat palaces, Morton’s The Steakhouse offers some less-than-gargantuan selections of meat suitable for lunchtime. For noon hour dining, there’s a Filet Mignon Tenderloin Sandwich, Prime Sirloin Chopped Steak, and, of course, the big pieces of meat like Prime New York Strip and Prime Manhattan Cut. Or you could have a salad.


Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse. Let’s say you’re traveling with your spouse to Chicago to do some Christmas shopping along the Mag Mile. If you and your shopping crew want to stop at a place that will render even the most shopping-averse male docile and ready for more, Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse is where you want to be. With a range of Steakhouse Burgers and hearty sandwiches, the restaurant is very suitable for out-of-towners. As mentioned in U.S. News, “A trip to Chicago wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse. Filled with Chicago memorabilia, the restaurant serves up thick, aged prime steaks and classic Italian dishes with a Chi-town twist.”


The Palm Restaurant


The Palm Restaurant. The Palm, located in the Swissotel right off Michigan Avenue, is renowned for its steak and lobster. Around lunchtime, however, you may want to go with one of The Palm’s Power Lunch selections to give you the energy boost necessary to make it through your busy shopping day. You start with a soup or salad (Mixed Greens or Classic Caesar) and then move into the second course of proteins with Atlantic Salmon Filet, Chicken Parmigiana, Catch of the Day (our favorite!), Filet Mignon or Crabmeat Oscar. You get your choice of coffee or tea, but maybe you should consider ordering a glass of something nice because, hey, it’s the holidays.




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