RPM Steak Gives New Meaning to "Rare Beef"

When it comes to steakhouses, beef selections are notoriously vague and occasionally mis-categorized, with terms like Angus, Kobe and Wagyu thrown around at random. RPM Steak is out to change all that with their brand new Wagyu and Kobe selection, rounding out the restaurant’s hefty menu of almost two-dozen cuts. Thanks to pioneering chef Doug Psaltis, this makes RPM Steak one of the country’s foremost destinations for rare and exclusive beef. 


RPM Steak
RPM Steak

Securing prime Kobe and Wagyu isn’t an easy endeavor. Psaltis worked closely with top purveyors from around the world to bring these elite steaks to Chicago. Unlike anything you’ll find in town, or most anywhere else in the U.S. at large, these cuts are well worth a trip to this sensational steakhouse. Here’s what to expect:

Hokkaido Snow Beef: This is the rarest beef from Japan, with RPM Steak one of only four restaurants in the entire world to serve it. The fat has a lower melting point, which entails a sweeter flavor and “snowflake”-like delicacy. Just how rare is this stuff? At max, just two cattle are harvested each month.

Kobe Beef: Far too often, Kobe is the title used erroneously on menus, lending an air of quality and prestige. What’s even more high-quality and prestigious is when the stuff is actually Kobe, as is the case at RPM, where they source 100% Tajima beef from Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture. This makes RPM one of only eight restaurants in the U.S. to sell this brand of Kobe. 

Mr. Ideue Beef: So named for the man who raises the cattle himself in Kagoshima, Japan, this stuff is truly sensational. The farmer is known as a “fattening specialist,” which means his cattle are raised responsibly and fed a diet to ensure prime marbling and A5 grading. 

Ohmi Wagyu: This classic brand of Wagyu dates back to the late 15th century, once reserved exclusively for the emperor of Japan. So you know it’s good. Today, it’s imported from the Shiga Prefecture once a month in limited quantities. RPM serves it as a periodic special only, due to such limited amounts. 

Closer to home, Psaltis partnered with local Chicago purveyor Allen Brothers to create a new RPM signature steak, the 90-day dry-aged long bone rib-eye, as part of the restaurant’s Private RPM Reserve. 

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