Just Like Downtown: Rosemont’s Big City Steakhouses

For many of us in Chicagoland, going out for dinner on the weekend means getting in the car and heading downtown. If you live anywhere west of Austin Avenue, however, you might seriously consider changing your weekend dining out plans if they involve a trip into the city. Many of Chicago’s best steakhouses have locations in the western suburb of Rosemont, a convention hub that attracts some of the biggest names in Chicago dining. To enjoy them, you don’t have to drive downtown, fight traffic, pay extortionate parking fees and then slog your way back all those miles to home after having a big dinner. If you’re in the western suburbs, you can get to these Rosemont restaurants, easily, without facing serious traffic or paying parking fees, and then scoot home after dinner with the hassle of city driving.


Here are some Rosemont steakhouses that started in Chicago and then set up in the suburbs, offering the same high-quality dining experiences without making the trip into the big city.


Truluck’s. Steakhouses are palaces of protein, whether from land or sea, and Truluck’s has beautiful USDA prime steaks as well as some of the finest seafood you will find anywhere. If you like crab, the stone crabs, a signature Truluck’s dish, are magnificent, perfectly cracked to enable you to easily pluck out the sweet meat. If you’re a purest who foregoes sauce when eating superior steak or seafood, we highly recommend Truluck’s traditional mustard sauce with your stone crab – it enhances rather than covers the delicious crabmeat. The menu is the same in Rosemont as it is downtown, so if you’re coming from the western suburbs, there’s really no reason to go into the city.

Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse. The man with the booming voice synonymous with the Chicago Cubs, the fun-loving Mayor of Rush Street, has his moniker on the marquee of several local restaurants. In the western suburbs, Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse in Rosemont carries on the tradition of good steak and good times. What people love about Caray’s places is on full display in Rosemont – the sports memorabilia, the superb meat and fish, the classic Italian dishes – it’s all here, a Holy Cow dining experience matched by few others.

Morton’s the Steakhouse. Morton’s the Steakhouse is one of Chicago’s dining icons, going strong for over half-a-century, and they’ve been using many of the same suppliers ever since they opened their doors. Morton’s the Steakhouse has made a reputation on serving USDA prime steak. As at every top-tier steakhouse, Morton’s the Steakhouse carries the best seafood, including cold water lobster tails, Alaska King Crab, and a rotating list of oysters, perfectly shucked. Just as it is downtown, the dining room in Rosemont is perfect for a power lunch or a romantic dinner.


Gibson’s Bar & Restaurant. Gibson’s Bar & Restaurant is another of Chicago’s classic steakhouses that has chosen to set up a satellite location in Rosemont. Gibson’s was the first steakhouse in the country to be awarded its own USDA Prime Beef Designation. There’s a stunning array of seafood laid out for your pleasure, and it’s all served by polished dining professionals, servers and sommeliers who are used to serving the best to people who expect it.


Fogo de Chao. Fogo de Chao is certainly not the only Brazilian steakhouse in the Chicagoland area, but it may very well be the best. As in their River North locations, the gauchos here will come by to slice off perfectly done pieces of high-quality beef, pork and chicken that they’ve cooked themselves over the restaurant’s charcoal-fired grills. Coming onto the menu in late 2018, the tomahawk ribeye is spectacular, crispy on the outside, juicy and moist on the inside. You want it; you know you do.


Bub City. Okay, you got us, Bub City is not a steakhouse, but their 18-hour smoked brisket may have you falling in love with beef all over again. Bub City also offers a more casual dining experience in the Rosemont area. It’s a Lettuce Entertain You restaurant that delivers the same high quality food in the kind of high-personality environment you’ve come to expect from every LEYE location, downtown or in the suburbs. Here, instead of steaks and seafood, you find sandwiches and barbecue. Lots of barbecue: Texas hot links, hickory-smoked wings and that wonderful brisket. There’s also live music. Just like downtown.



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