Here's Why RPM Steak is the Place to Drink This Summer

Just in time for an uptick in summer heat, RPM Steak has gone ahead and introduced what’s sure to become the drink of the season. Along with a brand new cocktail menu, the River North steakhouse has embraced its inner Spaniard with a fresh Gin & Tonic menu, featuring a trifecta of quenching, fizzy creations perfect for hot weather refreshment. And of course, it wouldn’t be RPM Steak without a little table side pomp and circumstance. Here’s a breakdown of the drinks and what to get thirsty for this summer:


RPM Steak
RPM Steak Gin & Tonics

Typically, gin & tonics are only really seen at Spanish restaurants and bars, or a cocktail bar with a pretty broad, internationally inspired portfolio. Steakhouses are basically the last place you’d expect to find a decent G&T. Until now. RPM Steak’s three versions are all unique, vibrant and flavorful. They’re named, aptly, R, P and M, and they’re all poured table side using a special, traditional Spanish technique. 

R is a blend of Junipero Gin, orange, lemon, rosemary and Fever Tree Natural Tonic. It skews most traditional of all the gin & tonics here. 

P gets a little more exotic with its mix of Farmers Gin, St-Germain, cucumber, lime and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic. This one is a touch sweeter and a lot greener, using a gin with notes of lemongrass and elderflower as the base. 

M is the most unique, incorporating a barrel-aged local Blaum Bros. Gin along with Carpano Antica vermouth, Fernet Branca, cinnamon and Fever Tree Indian Tonic. Aside from gin, not one of those ingredients are typical for a gin & tonic, especially the herbaceous Fernet and the cinnamon. 

As is tradition, the drinks are served in goblets loaded with ice, providing quite a colorful visual when served to the guest. 

In other beverage news, RPM Steak has amped up the rest of its drink list for the season with a variety of dazzling sippers. This includes the simple-but-sublime Spritz & Giggles, made with Grey Goose vodka, Prosecco and raspberry; the Violet Sour, a floral combo of gin, violet liqueur, lemon and egg white for light, fluffy texture; and the Sixty-Six Parallel, which mixes mezal and tequila together for an agave-packed drink with strawberry and lemon. 

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