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When it comes to classic pairings, steak and french fries (aka frites) go together like macaroni and cheese or peanut butter and jelly. Such a timeworn staple can be hard to pull off right though, so it takes a well-tuned kitchen to make a damn good plate of steak frites. Fortunately, Chicago is full of well-tuned kitchens. Here are some of the best steak-centric restaurants in town for a plate of steak frites. 


Chicago Cut
Chicago Cut

Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf: Leave it to a French-inspired steakhouse to serve some of the best steak frites in town. Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf does a lot of things and they do them well, most particularly their French-leaning appetizers and entrees. This is especially true of their steak frites, comprised of  an 8-oz. sliced prime rib-eye and a generous pile of crispy hand-cut fries. 

Chicago Cut Steakhouse: Being one of the ultimate power lunch spots in the city, it makes perfect sense that Chicago Cut would beef up its midday menus with a solid plate of steak frites. Indeed, one of the anchors of the lunch entrees is an indulgent portion of rib-eye steak splashed with herbed butter and adjoined with a mound of frites. 

Michael Jordan’s Steak House: USDA Prime steak is the name of the game at Michael Jordan’s Steak House on Michigan Avenue. This includes the beef used for the restaurant’s steak frites, which arrive with caramelized onion jus for added richness.  

RPM Steak: Forget about ketchup or aioli, because RPM Steak has a habit-forming dip that’s going to change the way you eat steak frites. Black truffle bearnaise is served with every order of the filet-and-frites duo, making it dually applicable as both a topping for steak and a dip for frites. And believe us, you’re gonna want to smear it on every bite. 

Maple & Ash: At this glistening Gold Coast sensation, steak frites comes with a sauce you’ve likely never heard of, but will want to remember. It’s a classic French sauce, and while recipes vary wildly, it’s typically a butter- and mustard-based medley that lends a pleasant richness and aroma to anything it touches. In this case, it’s a 10-oz. hanger steak and a smattering of crispy frites. 

Boeufhaus: Things get extra beefy at Ukrainian Village’s Boeufhaus, where frites are fried in beef fat before they’re heaped alongside a luscious hanger steak with bearnaise for added richness. It’s classic, unabashedly decadent and impossible to resist. 

Smith & Wollensky: Available on the lunch menu, steak frites are a midday standout at this riverside icon, where marinated skirt steak provides a succulent, fragrant foundation for hand-cut french fries, perfectly crispy, golden and salty. 

Tavern at the Park: Keeping things traditional is what this park-side people-pleaser does best. That’s a sentiment that holds true for its steak frites, a hearty portion of 12-oz. USDA prime sirloin, wet-aged for 28 days before getting plated atop a bed of shoestring fries. 

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