Chicago's Best One-of-a-Kind Steakhouses for Keeping New Year's Resolutions

You love steak. We love steak. We agree on that, and we can probably also agree that a big juicy porterhouse or tomahawk is an indulgence that most of us cannot afford to enjoy on a daily basis – even if we have the dollars for it, we’d rather not have the waistline for it. And with the new year upon us, it’s more likely than ever that many of us are vowing to eat right, get fit, and fulfill our healthiest dreams…if only for a few weeks or so.


Still, you have your favorite restaurants, and some of those places are very likely steakhouses. Lucky for you, here are six of the Chicago best one-of-a-kind steakhouses that offer super healthy options – you know what we’re talking about: fish, salads and veggies – that will enable you to dine in style and keep your new year’s resolutions for as long as humanly possible.


Tavern on Rush. If you’re down on Rush Street, Tavern on Rush is a classic place to stop for a good meal, steak or otherwise. On the topic of “otherwise,” there’s a very large selection of salads, including classic wedge, Greek and chopped. There are, of course, “accompaniments” like filet mignon, which you can add at your discretion (and hey, you picked such a healthy main course, what’s the big whoop about adding some tasty protein to the mix?).


Chicago Chop House. In a traditional brownstone, Chicago Chop House may not look like the place to go for non-steak options, but you might be surprised. There are beautifully prepared salmon and seabass, and if you’re feeling extra virtuous, get a side of Brussels sprouts or broccoli (hold the Hollandaise, if you really are serious about this whole resolution thing).


About Last Knife. About Last Knife, located on a hot stretch of Michigan Avenue, is gaining a reputation for its superb Beef Wellington – but you’re being extra abstemious for the New Year, right (?), so we know you’re going to go for fish-forward, veggie-heavy options. We suggest: marinated Ora King Salmon with lentils and a side of collard greens. We guarantee you won’t miss the meat.


EJ’s Place. EJ’s place was opened in 1997 by EJ Lenzi, the grandson of Gene Michelotti of the Chicago classic Gene & Georgetti. And like his grandfather’s place, Lenzi has developed a classic and unique place, a cross between a Wisconsin supper club and an Italian-American steakhouse that, like so many supper clubs and steakhouses, serves fantastic fish. Here you’ll find Wild North Atlantic Salmon, Lake Superior Whitefish, all the downhome favorites that compete with steak to please your palate.


Mirabella Italian Cuisine. There’s only one Mirabella Italian Cuisine, and it’s here that you can chow-down on feel-good options like broccoli salad and spinach apple salad, which you really should because…new year’s resolutions. As at all good steakhouses, there’s fish – low fat, high protein, and delicious – to make you happy even without red meat. Favorites include White Fish a la Venesiano, White Fish Greek Style and Salmon Vesuvio (a piscine take on a Chicago classic, Chicken Vesuvio).


Benny’s Chop House. There’s aged steak that will knock your socks off, but you’re trying to go for the super-healthy option, right? (Not that we have to remind you, but you’re trying to shave a few calories and grams of fat here and there, right?).  To help you achieve your new year’s resolution at this one-of-a-kind Chicago restaurant, go with the whole Dover sole and dress it up with crispy kale. You can have your steak the next time you go to Benny’s Chop House, which like all the places on this list, should probably be very soon.



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