Chicago Chop House Is the Place to Be When It’s Cold Outside

Chicago Chop House


When the wind comes up and the snow comes down, Chicago Chop House offers one of the most great winter escapes in the Midwest.


Though it’s a popular restaurant any time of year, Chicago Chop House can be the most comforting when temperatures hover near and below zero. The main dining room is cozy and comfortable, and the staff exemplifies the combination of attentiveness and friendliness that warms the heart. Then there’s the prime steak, butchered in house, prepared by consummate kitchen professionals, giving you the warm feeling that you’ve eaten well and are ready for the frigid temps outside.


When the Chicago Chop House opened in the mid-80s, it was one of the first major “new” steakhouses in the downtown Chicago area. After a million-dollar renovation to its 130-year-old building, Chicago Chop House is now one of the longest-running Chicago steakhouses. The reasons for its longevity are not difficult to find.


With one of the city’s largest selections of prime steak, Chicago Chop House is also one of the few restaurants to offer


Grade A5 Japanese Wagyu steak, as well as several wet- and dry-aged selections. Wagyu options include filet, New York strip, Delmonico, ribeye and tomahawk cuts, all available by the ounce, which is as it should be: steak this good should be enjoyed as you would a fine wine: slowly, thoughtfully, and in moderate portions.


Locally sourced and sustainably managed Angus beef is provided by Linz, one of the city’s highest quality purveyors.  Dry-aged prime specialties include all the favorite cuts – such as bone-in Kansas City and bone-in ribeye – as well as “grand” versions of the filet, New York strip and porterhouse.


Chicago Chop House


Chicago Chop House also offers a range of the traditional toppings, including creamy horseradish, Bearnaise and Hollandaise. All very worthy accompaniments, though for some of the rarer varieties of meat (looking at you, Wagyu), you might want to consider going commando, sauce-free.


If you’re still trying to eat light and keep those New Year’s resolutions, there’s a very large selection of fish and seafood. Seabass is served in a miso glaze with herbs, ahi tuna comes with pickled ginger and wasabi cream; Dover Sole amandine is served with all the traditional accompaniments, and the Alaskan king crab comes to the table hot or chilled. Of course, there’s a broiled Australian cold-water lobster tail. See, eating light can be delicious.


Chicago Chop House American Fries are a classic side, served with garlic, onion, oregano and parsley. Another perennial favorite side at Chicago Chop House is the steamed spinach, creamed or sautéed in garlic and butter, a delicious way to up the nutritional value of your dinner. Of course, there’s also broccoli, steamed, sautéed, or, our favorite, charred.


There is, as you might suspect, a magnificent wine list so you can choose the perfect pairing for your dinner, and having a good wine feels so right in the comfortable dining room at Chicago Chop House. The piano bar is the perfect accompaniment to your evening’s dining, and you’ll see lots of locals coming in (several every night of the week!) to enjoy the vibe and, of course, the food and wine.


No one in Chicago ever wants winter to go on for one more day than is absolutely necessary, but the warmth and wonderfulness of Chicago Chop House will make you glad you have a place to retreat from the weather, relax and enjoy a meal of undeniable deliciousness.


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