Best Veggies at Chicago’s Best Steakhouses

Steakhouses, in any city you might visit, are usually the places you go for premium EVERYTHING.  Always a luxe dining experience, a steakhouse dinner in a city like Chicago – with its long history as the place you want to be if you’re in the mood for a good piece of meat – can also always be counted on to offer you the best fish, the best wine…and the best veggies.


As we cruise into the harvest season, you can bet that Chicago steakhouses will be leveraging the best product to set alongside that beautiful steak you’ve ordered.


Here are five of Chicago’s Best Steakhouses, each offering the best veggies you’re likely to find anywhere, and that you’re most likely to find in a Chicago steakhouse.




III Forks. III Forks in Chicago’s River North has earned a platinum reputation for being one of the best places in the city to find a good steak, and it’s on the way to earning an equally distinguished reputation for its vegetable offerings. Off-the-cob cream corn highlights the Midwest’s premier crop, and you can also enjoy sautéed spinach (a classic side for steak) and seasonal vegetables, all harvested at the height of freshness to make your steak dinner even more special.


STK. Broccoli is the favorite vegetable of…some people. At STK Chicago, broccoli is raised to unheard of heights of deliciousness with a bacon vinaigrette and a crumble of foie gras, special ingredients you’re not likely to find anywhere else, both complementing the lush green deliciousness of this in-season vegetable. The Foraged Mushrooms are a special side, featuring fungi that require a lot of time and attention to find in the forest, and the perfect side dish to one of STK’s magnificent steaks.


Tavern on Rush. You know you’re in for some high-quality produce when the steakhouse menu has a special section devoted to veggies. In addition to many salads, including the classic Caesar, there’s broccolini with garlic and oil, a classic accompaniment to red meat, Brussels sprouts with crispy pancetta, as well as a whole platter of vegetables, magnificent. You might actually be tempted to forego the steak and enjoy just the vegetables (but that would be a mistake; you’ll want at least a filet to go with the veggies, or you’ll be hungry later).



Maple & Ash. So many of the items served at Maple & Ash have had a brief appointment with the huge wood fires that cook and flavor just about everything served here, including steaks, of course, but also many thoughtful vegetable preparations. The Wood-fired Maitake Mushrooms are the perfect accompaniment to the prime steaks; the smokiness in both harmonize with one another perfectly. The sweet corn with garlic butter and basil is sourced from Klug Farms, a local producer recognized for outstanding quality, and the asparagus is something special with orange, almond and mint.


Prime & Provisions.  At Prime & Provisions, there’s the prime steak…and then there’s the provisions, some of the most delicious produce you will find in any restaurant, including a steakhouse. Look in the “gluten-free” menu to find some truly outstanding vegetable offerings, including Tuscan Kale and Romaine Caesar and also Pickled Purple Cauliflower with carrots and fennel. Vegetables this good make every bite of USDA prime beef even more delicious.

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