Best Steakhouses in Downtown Chicago

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Here are the best steakhouses in downtown Chicago. 

Chicago’s Union Stockyards helped build the city’s reputation as the place to go for beef. Since those early days of the city, that reputation has grown and though the stockyards are now gone, the renown of the city for serving the very finest red meat has continued to grow.

Because Chicago is so closely identified as a meat and potatoes town, our steakhouses are driven to deliver even greater levels of excellence because Chicagoans and those visiting Chicago expect the bet, and few could deny that the beef in this city is the best in the world. Great steak requires great chefs and knowing how to skillfully butcher and perfectly prepare a steak is an entrance requirement to the kitchens of Chicago’s steakhouse chefs.

You may visit Chicago for the many excellent restaurants, but you really don’t know Chicago until you sit down to enjoy a beautifully prepared steak.

Here is a listing  of the very finest 18 steakhouses in Downtown Chicago all serving U.S.D.A. Prime Steak. If you’re a local, you know about many of these places though you’ll probably find a few here that you have not visited but really should; if you’re an out-of-town guest, these are places you want to have a steak. Each forkful of steak is not only the taste of carefully raised and prepared red meat; it’s the taste of Chicago.


Eddie V's


III Forks. In Lakeshore East, III Forks is a steakhouse that specializes in prime Angus beef. On the menu, we recommend USDA prime bone-in rib eye or forty-two-day dry-aged prime bone-in New York strip. These and other steaks are Angus, a Scottish breed known for its rich, generous marbling and lush, satisfying mouthfeel.


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Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf. Representing a new generation of Chicago steakhouses, Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf has made a name for itself with its superb steaks served in a retro-French atmosphere that doesn’t really feel like a steakhouse until the meat is set before you. Our favorite is the dry-aged bone-in twenty-two-ounce ribeye, a classic favorite brought up a notch with a side order of spreadable, roasted bone marrow.


Boeufhaus. In West Town, Boeufhaus shows a little bit of influence from both French and German cultural traditions, all of which sets set the stage for an All-American steak. Unlike more formal and traditional steakhouses, Boeufhaus presents more casual surroundings and a looser -- though nonetheless finessed and sophisticated -- environment for enjoying a beautiful cut of meat.


Chicago Chop House.  With one of Chicago’s coziest dining rooms, Chicago Chop House serves up steak that hits all the right notes…with a few surprises. There’s a substantial offering of both dry- and wet-aged steak, and an eye-popping selection of Wagyu beef, including Delmonico and tomahawk cuts. Chicago Chop House is also a very cozy and comfortable place to dine.


Eddie V’s.  Right off the Magnificent Mile, Eddie V’s serves up the steak you want at the end of a long day. Popular items include the eight- or twelve-ounce bone-in filet mignon and the twenty-two-ounce USDA prime bone-in ribeye. One of those steaks and a few spectacular sides will keep you going till the end of the day, deliciously.


Gene & Georgetti. One of Chicago's classic steakhouses, Gene & Georgetti burned down not long ago but is now rebuilt and still serving some of the finest steaks in the Loop. Sitting down at Gene and Georgetti, you feel like you're stepping back in time; you'll be brought back to reality when you have your first bite of favorites like the broiler-crusted t-bone, rib eye and strip loin.


Gibsons. If there’s a Chicago steakhouse that epitomizes what it means to serve red meat right, it’s Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, an institution, a red-blooded American classic. Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse is the only steakhouse of its kind to receive its own USDA certification


The Grill on the Alley. The Grill on the Alley is a name that does not quite reflect the elegance of this intimate and excellent steak (and seafood) restaurant. The “Grill Specials” include braised short rib and brick chicken, the kind of comfort food that appeals to whatever mood you’re in, any time of year.




Chicago Firehouse Restaurant



Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse. What do you  love more: baseball or beef? Good  news, you don't have to make that tough choice at Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse, where you can indulge your love in baseball -- and all things sports -- along with truly fine steaks. Make sure to try Harry's house-made potato chips; we think they are the absolute best.


Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab. The highest quality seafood and steak, both luxury items, seem like a natural pairing. At Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab, you can enjoy the gifts of the surf and the turf, along with seasonal stone crabs that are unmatched by any other seafood restaurant -- or steak house -- in Chicago.


Maple & Ash. In what may be Chicago's most sophisticated and romantic dining room, Maple & Ash presents steaks and seafood -- even vegetables and French onion soup -- grilled over an open fire hearth. You definitely want to sample the Wagyu beef, done to a level rarely experienced.  To accompany, there is a magnificent selection of wines.


Mastro’s Steakhouse. The forty-eight-ounce double-cut porterhouse steak at Mastro’s is the kind of monumental meat required to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. There are, of course, more modest selections, like one of several filets or the sixteen-ounce New York pepper steak. The chefs at Mastro’s have a lot of experience, and they will fire up a steak that will make you very happy.


Prime & Provisions. In a towering two-story dining room that blends white tablecloth dining with retro touches that give the whole place a romantic, fin de siecle vibe, Prime & Provisions serves up just what you'd expect: spectacular steak...with a few surprises. Consider, for instance, the appetizers of fried chicken or thick-cut bacon, a meaty slab of juicy pork belly -- come to think of it, you could make a whole dinner out of these two starters along, but we know you won't do that, because...steak.


RPM Steak.Coal-roasted king crab is an excellent way to kick off dinner at RPM Steak. An appetizer like that is tough to follow, and RPM Steak can also roll out such rare and wonderful meat options as an eight-ounce bison filet and a forty-two-ounce Mishima tomahawk.



Chicago Chop House



Ruth’s Chris Steak House. A name synonymous with the very best steaks, Ruth’s Chris Steak House in downtown Chicago is the place to go for business luncheons, dinner dates or just a casual bite. The tomahawk rib eye, for example, is forty-ounces of USDA prime meat on-the-bone, broiled, and then carved tableside. This is a meat experience you will not forget.


Steak 48. Steak 48 is a guaranteed good time for anyone who loves red meat. There are the classics, sometimes with a twist, like the steak Farina, a bone-in filet with an egg on top, or a bone-in KC strip, wet-aged for twenty-eight days.


Swift & Sons. Paying homage to Gustavus Swift, a godfather of the Chicago meat packing industry, Swift & Sons broke new ground by serving steak…already cut up. The advantage of pre-cutting means that sharing is easy, and sharing is what you’ll want to do, whether you ordered the five-ounce Carrara 640 Wagyu strip loin or the forty-eight-ounce porterhouse. Of course, you can cut your own steak if you prefer.


Truluck’s Seafood, Steak and Crab House. Well known for both its seafood and its steak, Truluck’s sets before you Mediterranean branzino and salmon Bearnaise, as well as filet Oscar Royale and Prime Ultimate Steakhouse Ribeye. Whether you’re all about the beef or in the mood for some truly wonderful seafood, Truluck’s has you covered. Excellent stone crab, too.

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Chicago Firehouse Restaurant

The restaurant offers brunch, lunch and dinner service with USDA prime steaks on every menu, from the beef short rib hash during brunch to a 22-ounce Porterhouse during dinner

The well-manicured outdoor patio is one of the most undiscovered gems in the downtown area. It's quiet and homey and ideal for those looking for a laid-back dining experience.










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