Best Chicago Steakhouses for the Best Father’s Day Ever

You want to give your dad the best Father’s Day ever? This coming June 16 bring him to one of Chicago’s best steakhouses.


Chicago is known for having some of the best steakhouses in the world. Not just the country, the world. So, what better places to bring the World’s Greatest Dad, right?


Here are four of the best Chicago steakhouses to bring your father for the best Father’s Day ever – it will be a meal he never forgets.



STK. One of the swankest, elegant and most elegant steak houses in the city of Chicago, STK will serve up a beautiful piece of red meat in a place where you’re assured of a high-quality dining experience. The menu is divided into small, medium and large pieces of steak, and we recommend steering pops to the larger cuts. The twenty-eight-ounce dry-aged porterhouse is a showstopper, and the A5 Japanese Wagyu may change your steak-loving life forever. As this is a special day, consider a deluxe topping to the meat, maybe lobster, shrimp, or Alaskan king crab “Oscar.” Go overboard, be extravagant. It is, after all, for dad.

Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse


Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse. Nothing says “Chicago” better than a steak dinner at Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse. The bigger-than-life Caray is a symbol of a good time, and that big beautiful piece of prime steak on your plate is a harbinger of incredible culinary satisfaction to come. On TripAdvisor, one satisfied diner gushed about Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse that it was “One of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had.” The satisfactions, at Caray’s, are immense: dry or wet-aged bone-in ribeye, dry or wet-aged New York strip, and many more remarkable cuts, all available with a variety of flavor-enhancing “crusts,” including truffle butter, gorgonzola and horseradish. Get a plate of pasta on the side because, you know, it’s an Italian Steakhouse from one of Chicago’s great Italian Americans (the great man was born Harry Christopher Carabina).

III Forks


III Forks. III Forks has earned a reputation for being one of Chicago’s very best steakhouses. You can order some tremendous seafood – cold water lobster tail, Chilean seabass and some of the most superb scallops you’ll find anywhere – but it will be hard to resist the sizzling siren call of the steak. There’s USDA prime bone-in or boneless ribeye, as well as forty-five day dry-aged prime Angus rib eye and New York strip, both dressed in Jim Beam bonded salt. You won’t be finished with your first few bites before your socks are fully knocked off.

About Last Knife


About Last Knife. The all-American steak at About Last Night is raised to the level of an art form, with a sixteen-ounce rib eye composed with Bearnaise and Brussels sprouts, and the eight-ounce filet dressed up with roasted mushrooms and herbed butter. The dish that has really had Chicago talking, however, is the Beef Wellington: a spectacular tenderloin, perked up with prosciutto, wrapped in puff pastry, with a serving of duxelles. A beautiful wine list and cocktail program make the dining experience at About Last Knife even better. This is going to be a Father’s Day dinner that dad talks about for a long time to come.

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