Standout Sides at San Francisco Steakhouses

San Francisco steakhouses have a knack for show-stopping presentation. Be it a cut of beef, a plate of seafood or even a sandwich, dishes skew decadent and attention-grabbing. But don’t overlook the side dishes, because local steakhouse accompaniments are just as glorious as their entree counterparts. From potatoes to chorizo-spiced mac & cheese, here are some of the best steakhouse side dishes in the Bay Area. 


Osso Steakhouse
Osso Steakhouse sides

Osso Steakhouse: Once you’re done feasting on iron skillet-roasted crab and filet mignon, skim to the bottom of the menu at Osso Steakhouse for a spree of exciting side dishes. Among the numerous highlights are a chorizo-spiced mac & cheese, which adds meaty seasoning to this comfort food classic, along with delicate Brussels sprouts chips flecked with lemon oil, asparagus roasted with pumpkin seeds and crispy yams tossed with olives, broccoli and cauliflower. 

5A5 Steak Lounge Restautant: Throughout its menu, 5A5 proves itself to be one of the more contemporary, envelope-pushing steakhouses in town. That sentiment is echoed amongst the side dishes as well, as cauliflower mixes with guanciale and Meyer lemon gremolata; asparagus gets a bed of pesto and a quail egg; creamy spinach gets enlivened with nutmeg and boursin cheese; and a medley of rich Asian mushrooms is punched up with sherry and garlic. 

Alexander’s Steakhouse: For steakhouse sides with an Asian accent, head to Alexander’s. Here, you’ll find classic-inspired plates with pungent, spicy supplements, like wild mushrooms with yuzu and shiro shoyu, or fries with sun-dried tomato and tonkatsu aïoli, or soy-glazed heirloom squash with bonito and black sesame. Be sure and try the mashed potatoes, too. While they don’t lean Asian, they’re decidedly delicious thanks to add-ons like parmesan, dry-aged gravy and crispy beef bacon. 

630 Park Steakhouse: If gourmet tater tots sound like something you want alongside your porterhouse (and really, you should), then make your way to 630 Park Steakhouse in Rohnert Park to indulge in some serious sides. Like the “classic” tater tots made with freshly shredded potatoes and an herbaceous dill ketchup made in-house. Other highlights include upscale takes on steakhouse staples, like a jumbo baked potato studded with farm-fresh butter, sour cream and bacon, and creamed corn spiced up with poblano. 

Epic Steak: Two words for you: spaetzle gratin. The German dumplings get their due diligence in a cheesy blend of fontina at Epic Steak, standing out as a real gem among the side dishes. They pair quite nicely with the petite filet, which comes with smoked sunchoke puree, broccolini and preserved lemon. 

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