Maybe you’re eating less meat for Lent or for your health, or maybe you simply adore fish and seafood, but whatever the motivation, you cannot go wrong if you order a big, beautiful piece of fish – or a perfect crab or lobster – at one of L.A.’s best steakhouses.


With access to some of the finest resources in the world for high-quality fish and seafood (and, for that matter, steak), steakhouses in the City of Angels are renown for serving up the best products of both the surf and the turf.


Here are five of Los Angeles’ best steakhouses, each serving equally fantastic steak and fish/seafood.


Meat on Ocean


Baltaire Restaurant. At Brentwood’s Baltaire Restaurant, you can get fantastic red meat like a Wagyu A5 steak, but you can also enjoy truly superior fish and seafood from the beginning to the end of your meal. Start with oysters from the raw bar, and if you’re feeling flush, select from the Baltaire Label Ttsar Nicoulai Caviar collection. For your main course, the classic Dover Sole is served with sauteed vegetables and chives, the Chilean Seabass gets an Asian touch with fermented black bean and baby bok choy, and the Pan Roasted Salmon is enhanced with an English pea risotto and a sauce of citrus beurre blanc.


Meat on Ocean. With a name that conjures the carnivorous while suggesting the bounty of the sea, Meat on Ocean is preferred by many locals who want either meat, or fish/seafood, or simply can’t make up their minds. At Meat on Ocean, you can get Wagyu steak or one of the other prime choices for satisfying the red meat urge, or you can go fishing among the bounty of wild fish and seafood options, including Wild Jumbo Shrimp from Mexico, Wild Pacific Yellowfin, and Wild Eastern Sea Scallops. They say wild is better than farmed. You be the judge.


Steak & Whiskey. Steak & Whiskey, again, seems like a place that would focus pretty much exclusively on turf, but be assured, there’s a lot of premium surf on the menu, prepared with care and using some outstanding local ingredients. The scallops come with a sunchoke leek fondue, dressed in dill and wild mushrooms; the Sea Bass is prepared with tomato crab risotto, oven dried tomatoes, enrobed in a lemon beurre blanc; and the Frutti di Mare Pappardelle showcases manilla clams, mussels, shrimp, scallop, pomodoro, Grana Padano, and herbs. Or you could get yourself a big juicy steak, but either way, you’ll be incredibly happy.

Steak and Whiskey


Bourbon Steak. Like Steak and Whiskey, Bourbon Steak does not sound like a place where you could get a good piece of fish, but if you make that assumption, you’d be pleasantly surprised to find a lot of delectable fish and seafood on the menu. Done simply and in classic styles to bring out the best of high-quality ingredients, Bourbon Steak serves up a memorable set of four Jumbo Prawns, a 12-ounce Mediterranean Branzino sprinkled with fresh herbs, and a superb slab of 7-ounce Faroe Island Atlantic Salmon. The meat at Bourbon Steak is fantastic, and the fish/seafood offerings are no less so.


The Royce Wood-Fired Steakhouse. Red meat cooked over an open fire is believed to be the most delicious way to prepare it, and the same might be said for the fish and seafood. The beautifully appointed dining room at The Royce Wood-Fired Steakhouse has seen some spectacular fish and seafood served to discerning guests. Standouts from the sea include Grilled Hawaiian Swordfish with pineapple, piquillo pepper, basil, and Belgian endive; King Salmon dressed up with celery root and sunchoke; and Chilean Sea Bass accompanied by butternut squash, blood orange and sauteed chard.


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